Anyone helps on which vestv

Looking to buy a vest for my trail running needs. I dont want anything  too big or too expensive. Will mainly be used for run up to marathon lenght but maybe one 50km so I can tick the box and fit the nice medal in my box. 
I would need to fit the stuff I  mainly take:
Keys, Samsung phone  soft flask 2*500ml  water proof. ( I dont drink a a huge of amount of fuild but makes more sense to take it out with me for when warmer weather comes) Few gels would be great but I have got some trail shorts coming that can store some gels and snacks in)
Long sleeve top/windproof or waterproof
Space blanket and first aid kit. 
Head torch 

Some of the above is mandatory  race gear. But it does make sense to carry another layer/ first aid kit on longer trail runs in winter. 

I'm looking at the agile  2
( would need to store all the snacks in my short then the  in the vest)

Deacathlon  5l trail pack or there 10l pack, 
I  not a huge fan of how the 5l is on the front as it cant store a huge amount on the outside)
But I also think the 10l is too big for what I would actually need it for for most of the time. 


  • I'd say go and try it on and fill it with gear in the shop. I've gone through so many bags over the years and have only just found one im comfortable with, montane via jaw pack, when running ultras then ill opt for a belt too to increase water/carrying capacity.

    as far as compulsory kit ive seen bigger mandatory kit list than what you have written down above if used on ultras you might need more space.

    front of that one has a number of pockets, i'd prefer to have some that zipped or could be secured. but you should be able to fit all what you listed in there.
  • Not a vest but I use this chest bag( when I run to my gym. It's about 4m so I'm not carrying the same stuff, but if I just hold my boxing gloves I have room an extra rash guard, small water bottle(16oz bottle), mouthguard, wallet, phone, and keys. Dunno if that would help for your needs but I like it better than the vest my friend gave me.
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