Stretching help for running 5KM

Anyone got an Insight of personal experience in regards to Stretching to releave tightness in calfs ? been running in Merrell Trial glove 3s and hit a PB of 21;21 on a 5KM route.

Issue is;

My Tibialis Anterior is very Tight due to Tight soleus and gastrocnemius muscles, how long should i be holding a stretch for to loosen over time ?

Will more stretching mean faster and therefore faster results ?


  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
    Maybe it's running in low drop shoes that's making your calves tight. You could try rotating with something with a bit more drop to take the load off a bit. 

    I used to have constantly tight calves and would regularly injure them but I found that stretching caused more issues than it solved for me. I don't stretch anymore (maybe just some hip flexor stretches if I've been sitting more than usual). I get the occasional calf issues now but only once or twice a year. My opinion is that tightness is often due to muscle weaknesses so the solution may be to strengthen any weak muscle groups. I believe my calf issues were due to weaknesses further up my legs and something about my running form overloading the calves.
  • I see.. my Calves are strong and conditioned, only issue is that the front muscle is getting pulled and it leads to me not being able to dorsiflex and painful. Almost fatigue.

    Getting tested for compartment syndrome in the new year so fingers crossed. Currently can't run for more then 5 minutes even at a 10 minute mile pace.

    I have been advised to stretch, i never used to stretch, but my calves have gotten VERY tight causing other issues.
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