P&D Spring Marathon 2020



  • Nice MLRs Cal & Steve. Good not to worry about pace. I usually find running later in the day is easier, especially if I’ve already run first thing 
    Just 8M pre work w 8x200m strides to finish. All along the canal so nice & flat. Total contrast to yesterday’s ice & fog: warm & surprisingly dry too. First run without gloves for a while. Binned my usual Thursday lunchtime session as my legs were certainly feeling the 55M in 4 days so far this week & conscious I’ll be hitting Parkrun on Saturday as usual.
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Lots of wet MLR`s and LT sessions going in the bank. I`ve always found the pre-Christmas sessions tough as it still feels so far away from race day.

    Jon - The London plan is just to go out there and see what happens. If i have a good day, a PB may happen.

    Cal- Poole is my "go-to" parkrun when I want a quick time. I`m not quite sure what happened with the Bournemouth marathon. I know Martin used to be very involved up until a couple of years ago. This seems to correlate with it`s demise. A shame really. 

    TR - sub 37 is definitely possible. I`ll be going into it with a bit of a taper so will throw the kitchen sink at it. looking at the calendar, it will probably be my only chance at a decent 10k time for the next 12 months.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Cal - since i did some mp miles 2 weeks ago, (6.29 av on that run), ive only run quicker than 8.XX in some strides, lots of slower running is fine. Get more interested in paces later in the plan.

    Millsy - im up for giving it a go. Havnt been sub 37 in years and like you i only do a couple of 10ks a year.

    10m more, didnt think i could get wetter than yday. The rain was bouncing off the road, then the thunder and lightning joined in.
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    Character building conditions TR and some good miles being banked!

    You're getting some quality sessions completed Jools.  Go easy on the volume increase.

    If I run earlier than normal I often struggle with the initial pace Cal.  I wouldn't worry about it - just run to feel and log the miles.

    That's an early start Steve but a nice 13 in the warm conditions.  I'm not looking forward to the 15 mile mid-week MLR even though I know it's one of the most important sessions.

    Hope the ankle is OK Hamo.  Have you got access to one of those wobble boards for some strengthening work?

    John - I did a lot of fast downhill running in preparation for Boston in April 2019 - the quads were fine at the end although the same can't be said for the calfs!   Which trail marathon are you running?

    11K recovery run with strides at lunch time.  Despite having followed P&D a number of times, I've recently become more aware of the importance of the stride sessions (particularly as my cadence is a bit on the low side).  Making sure I complete these and even adding in a few more will a priority for the London campaign.
  • Morning everyone. 
    Great parkrun, Millsy. I’ve said it before, but I’m always impressed by your range. 
    Great tempo, SBD. Nothing wrong with treadmill as part of varied training. 
    A small trophy, JohnOz, other than that just sweet glory 😆. Good work on the downhills, when training for Snowdonia, I certainly found that very useful. The worst DOMS otherwise!
    Very well done on the club prize, Cal. Things would never happen without proactive club members like you. I’m also slower first thing in the morning, although ok once up and running after a few miles. 
    Hope the ankle is ok, hamo. 
    Steve definitely claims the 2019 early riser award. 
    55M in four days is good going, Jools. 

    Very windy of late. Give me a cold, crisp winter’s day anytime. Easy hour on Wednesday, before an attempt at some harder work yesterday. 2 x 20 mins, averaging about 6:35 and 6:20, although as ever, my gps keeps me guessing (probably a good thing). Really enjoying running for time and not getting splits every mile. 9.4M total, at 6:52 average - although this is according to the Fetch rather than Strava upload. Slightly worryingly, a sore left foot upon my return. Kind of underside, towards the outside. Feels less bad this morning, although a bit of a ‘tight’ underside of the heel. Hoping it’s not a PF flare up. 
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    Glad to see eveyone smashing our MLRs and LTs! Those LTs in particular are so tricky at this time of year.
    Had a couple opf CBA days this week where I didn't run at all what with this terrible weather and Christmas celebrations etc getting in the way.
    I'm still enjoying a relative break with just easyish stuff with my 45mi ultra next Saturday 28th. Then proper P&D running starts early January.
    Christmas party at work this afternoon/evening which I'm looking forward to!
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    SBD - pete pf advises more strides, particularly before the LT part of the LT runs.

    SQ - nice one on the tempo sections, hope yr foot is ok.

    AWC - enjoy the party.

    10m more this end.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    John - i saw that the Sydney BBL game was abandoned today as smoke rolled in. It looked pretty bad.

    Started off with a rare bit of daylight and sun today, but it soon rained.

    16m on very tired legs. 84 for the week, so i maintained the reqd 12m per run. 108 to go off 9 runs, still 12m per day.
  • SQ, wind is my least favourite weather to run in. Running into it is bad enough (three miles of a brutal headwind down the Mersey cost me any chance of a PB at Liverpool marathon in May - it was like running into a brick wall) but I get really freaked out when a gust pushes me from behind. I am mildly dyspraxic and I have similar issues when trying to run down anything steeper than a gentle slope - I automatically slam my anchors on. It's something I really need to get over.
    Hope you had a good party, AWC.
    Well done, TR - running on tired legs isn't much fun but it does help with those last miles of a marathon (or ultra, I guess - I am doing my first in June so have yet to "enjoy" that experience).

    I took a break from the parkrun tourism today to do Fulham Palace. It was actually the first London parkrun I did outside of my home run, so it wasn't one I minded repeating (especially since it's flat and tarmac). Lots of clubmates were there as one was celebrating his 50th and they were there in solidarity (or for cake, or because Tooting and Clapham were both cancelled due to bad conditions). I went out pretty hard but my time was slower than it felt so there's obviously still some fatigue in the legs. Official time was 25:06 which is OK given the tight turns and the fact one of the puddles was large enough to constitute a water jump. Also finished in front of Joe, but only because he was being a gentleman and parkwalking with Katie. I'd be a good 8 minute behind him normally.
  • JohnOzJohnOz ✭✭✭
    Some great wet running, Well done on even getting out in that weather. I find it’s the hardest conditions to get me out of the door, although don’t mind it if it buckets down once I’m out. 

    TR - yes the bushfire and smoke are still pretty bad, esp the further inland you are. Sydney has actually been OK this week but Canberra has seen the worst of it. Some much needed rain is forecast for next week but not likely to be enough.

    SQ - fingers crossed for the sore foot.

    AWC - good luck with the ultra, perfect timing for carb loading over Christmas!

    Cal - good effort in the rain, probably worth half a min?

    SBD - I’m trying to up the strides just like you, so many runners seem to swear by them. I’m running https://www.sixfoot.com/, it’s 45km along an old horse carriage track. Agree with you on the fast downhills, probably do more of those than even uphills. 

    4x2k session yesterday at LT pace, came out around 7:30-7:45 per rep depending whether it was into or with the wind. Then 19 miles today to bring up just under 80 miles for the week. Probably a recovery week coming up to coincide with Christmas and I’ll start P&D 12/85.  

  • Morning everyone. Hope the festive getaway travel plans are going well and the festive drinks have been in full flow.

    Haha AWC -enjoy an easy time with the 43M race 😆. Love how much you enjoy them. 

    Well done on the consistent mileage, TR. 

    Agreed, CalJones. Wind is the absolute worst. Although I just say I enjoy tailwinds and descents! Definitely worth practising the latter - I am always amazed how many I pass in races on downhills. Well done on parkrun. Good to put Joe in his place 😉

    Fantastic week, John. Foot generally ok thank you. Will judge if it is the old VFs causing it when I wear them for a tempo session next. 

    Solid longish run late afternoon yesterday. 15.3M at 7:31 pace with 440m of ascent. Decided that with the 7Sins trail race (trail, seven hills including one or two corkers, and a river tunnel crossing) just over a week away, I better seek out some elevation at least once. I’d forgotten how satisfying hills could be. Once the focus shifts away from each mile split to getting to the top of each hill, time really flies by and the views are better. I’ve said it for a couple of years, but must do snowdonia marathon again! So with an interval session, a tempo run and a longish hilly one, with 53M as of yesterday, this is a very solid week. 
    I also noticed I surpassed last year’s mileage total. A slightly dangerous game game to always seek more, but pleasing nonetheless. Next year definitely won’t follow the same pattern. And for anyone who uses Fetcheveryone, there is an amazing annual infographic. Here’s mine (with 10 days to go, of course):  
  • SorequadsSorequads ✭✭✭
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    All based on GPS uploads. So PBs from 400m to 1M can be firmly ignored 😂. The rest are close enough, although gutted that isn’t actually my marathon PB. Although I am always amazed at the number of people who take ‘garmin PBs’ over actual race results. My neighbour says he stops his watch at 10k, 13.1M or whatever in a race and then walks it in 🤦‍♂️ 
  • Great mileage, SQ and John.
    SQ, your neighbour is a numpty! I don't believe my Garmin - it has given me a few false PBs (including a sub-24 at the track race I did a couple of weeks ago, which it measured way long. My time was actually 24:35 I think).
    I'm in a few running groups on Facebook and have seem many posts from people claiming PBs during their training runs. Daft.

    Speaking of training, I ground out 20 miles today. The half I did in the dark was very slow but once it got light I was back at my normal easy pace, which I'm glad about. I felt a bit fatigued from 17 miles but was fairly comfortable other than that. That's 54 miles for this week, which is at the higher end of my mileage, at least for now. Only 10 weeks until Tokyo.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Cal  - racing in the wind is soul destroying, i live on the coast so cop a lot of windy races. Garmin posts make me laugh at times, ive read of folks not being able to run as the gadget wasnt working.  Well done on the 20.

    SQ - is that chart the outcome of tour whole year, thats still a big mileage total even given the recet arrival. Must be very wet for ultra trail races at the mo.

    John - you could do with some of our rsin for sure.

    A par achieving 12m for me today.
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
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    Another good 12 TR - will this be your biggest mileage year?  I listened to the Pete Pfitzinger Marathon Talk interview recently - I'll definitely be working on getting more stride sessions in.

    Good work on the 20 Cal.

    That's a good hilly LR SQ - it's too easy to get used to the flat runs chasing the mile splits.  Impressive infographic - pretty consistent training for the year.   I can't believe anyone would stop a race when their Garmin registers the race distance!

    Good LT intervals to finish a big week John.  The sixfoot track marathon looks interesting.

    The Winter Cross Ultra sounds tough AWC - what time are you aiming for?

    16 miles LR late afternoon, not quite getting the timing right, so the last few miles run in the dark.  Like SQ, I also went for the hilly option but ran in to a few problems with flooded roads and ending up running through ankle deep water for 200 meters after battling across a couple of ankle sapping muddy fields. So not a day for worrying about the pace.  Gives me another 65 mile week and just about ready to start the 18 week schedule for London. 
  • TR, I confess there was one time I started my run, ran about half a mile then realised my Garmin had gone into energy saving mode so I walked back to my house and started again. :/
    Well done SBD - I don't think I'd fancy that much. Although I'm in London, a lot of the parks and commons have sections of path under water at the moment so I do my best to avoid them. Not a fan of mud or wet feet, to be honest.

    I usually rest on a Monday but as I'm travelling up to Manchester tomorrow (I spend Christmas with a friend there as my parents died several years ago) I thought I'd better go out today. I had a mind to do 10 miles but was fully prepared to cut it down if I felt particularly trashed after the 20 yesterday.
    What surprised me, though, was that I felt pretty much OK from the get-go. The early miles were recovery pace, but the longer I ran, the stronger I felt and the quicker I got (not quick, but I worked my way up to my regular easy pace). I then settled on 12 miles as a good distance before realising I'd be too far from home when I hit it, so 12 became 13, and then I added a little bit on the end to make it a half marathon (as you do).
    My stride length is still down from what it should be but I'll put that down to fatigue. That aside, I feel quite good about the last few runs so I should be getting back on form in January. I have a 10K and a half marathon then so will be interesting to see how I do.
  • Cal...Good to know about the epics, ta, might get a pair alright. Nice LR, good parkrunning and a super scalp :wink:

    TR...Fair play to you getting a 10 in, in thunder and lightening. You are certainly running that total down rightly.

    Jools...Nice treadmill work. Hope the parkrun went well.

    SBD...I don't, but must look into getting a wobble board after Christmas. Yea, i listened to that mara talk podcast with Pete Pf too, and i'm also aiming to get more strides in this time round. Class LR in less than ideal conditions.

    SQ...Nice faster work. Hope the foot is, and stays ok. Nice hill work, and good luck with the 7 sins. Had a chuckle at your neighbour living and dying by his Garmin, madness.

    AWC...It's the time of the year for cba'd days. Best of luck with the Ultra, love how you just casually throw them in.

    John..Nice session, and Long run, that's a big week too.

    I carded zero's for Thursday and Friday to let the ankle settle, as it was a bit tender and stiff. It felt ok on Saturday, so attempted the planned 6 mile recovery run. It went fine, with no adverse reaction, so happy enough. Sunday was a 16M LR, which went fine as well, took it easy enough and didn't push it. I was going to throw in a few missed recovery runs in the evenings, but decided against it, and to just write off the two missed days. I didn't want to  to push my luck, as the ankle is still 'noticeable' but not sore, if that makes sense. 

    I did however follow Sundays LR up with my usual Junior Parkrun with my wee Woman. It was the Christmas party one, with Santa giving out selection boxes and medals, so couldn't miss that. My other slightly bigger wee woman also got presented with her 'Ultra Marathon wristband' for running 50 parkruns/100k, so it was a lovely morning all round.

    6 and 5 recovery miles today, and a 4 mile LT as part of a 10 miler tomorrow, is the plan, before a few days off eating and drinking, at least, 4 peoples body weights in sh**e, cant wait :D 

    And speaking of which, in case i'm not back on here before the big day, I'd just like to wish everyone a very happy and peaceful Christmas.
  • SQ - I also can't believe it when people tell me that. Stopping the watch and walking it in or taking that time - utter nonsense! Big year for you, great work. How you adjusting to new family life?

    Cal - I'm sure there'll be plenty of times you finish ahead of me in the future!

    Hamo - glad to hear the ankle it settling down. Great work with the junior parkrun - good to see you're starting them young! I, like you, am also looking forward to tucking into a decent bit of food.

    As Cal mentioned, walked parkrun with Katie on Saturday morning. In a completely freak and rubbish turn of events, her other foot has a stress fracture, most likely from putting it under too much stress whilst in a boot and crutches. So that's two broken feet and one very frustrated partner.

    It's no saving grace, but my training seems to be going well at the moment. 3 hard hours on the turbo trainer saturday PM, followed by a 6km run off the bike, which completely ruined me - couldn't leave the sofa for the rest of the day.

    Sunday I had a 14 mile SLR and a 40 minute swim before a cracking Chritsmas roast dinner. Then, in a break for normal Monday tradition, I had a hard 1 hour threshold session on the bike this morning. Looking forward to just an easy swim tomorrow!

    Also managed to get the 4th annual Christmas Day marathon signed off by the coach, much to his disagreement. You've just got to hold firm on some things! :lol:
  • Christmas Day marathon? Where's that, or is this just something you do on your own?
    I heard about Katie's other foot on Saturday - that's really rotten luck. I guess she will be doing a lot of strength training.
  • AWCAWC ✭✭✭
    Joe: important to get the priorities right of an Xmas day marathon! Sorry to hear about Katie - that's rotten luck
    Hamo: glad to see the ankle is healing up - take it easy
    Cal: good sign whe you feel ok the day after a 20 with a solid half. Good training there
    SBD nice 16 miler. Not great running weather with all these puddles. Not sure about time for the ultra - the course is flooded on the South Downs at the moment so it'll be sticky. Hopefully around 7 hours give or take.
    SQ: like the graphic - some good data all in one place. That's impressive mileage/pace/time etc when you see it all there together
    John: LT sesh followed by a 19 miler is some going!
    A few more CBA days from me - going out for 10 and doing 7 for example. Feels good to be able to do it without the pressure of a plan making you feel like you've messed up! I think its good for the mind to have this kind of break. Although I'm sure my legs may disagree when I'm wading through the mud and rivers on Saturday :D
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    SBD - i did 308X last yr, but would rarely trouble 2000 normally, but i dont swim and bike any more. I like the idea of doing strides on the LT days too, otherwise a 2 min/mile pace change will be a shock.

    Cal - im garminless and happy with that. My run routes/commutes have all been measured online, i know where the mile markers are for any timed runs and know the out and back turnarounds in order to hit specific distances.

    Hamo - good news on the ankle progression, quite right not to chase the missed runs. I hope you have another stellar year in 2020.

    Joe - good to see you smashing it again. I guessed youd be doing the Christmas day mara, by contrast im having a rare day off myself.

    AWC - hope Saturday goes well.

    I was off today so banged out another 18m.
  • Morning everyone. Happy Christmas Eve. Have a fun time whatever you’re up to. 
    Wow, CalJones. Great effort on a 20 at this time of year. And to then follow up the next day will be great training for the latter stages of Tokyo. Can’t believe it’s only 10 weeks away. Is it always so early?
    You’re in a great place to start the plan, SBD. Yes, I was also battling flooded roads. Best just to charge through them and not think about what lurks underneath 😆 
    Hamo - great pre Christmas running. I was planning on taking my daughter to junior parkrun for the first time, only for it to be cancelled 🤦‍♂️. Next year I hope. Great achievements from your two. 
    Thanks, Joe. You are really firing again now - bodes very well kickstarting the new year. Really sorry to hear about Katie. What led her to realise the other foot was also broken? Family life great thank you, although I didn’t get away with naming him Eliud. Readjusting training slots and squeezing in what I can. Lots of walking with the little lad in the carrier is now my go to cross-training. Love it. Enjoy the Christmas Day marathon. I would love that - what better way to earn a feast!
    Best of luck with the race AWC. 
    Great mileage TR. 

    My quads in particular, and wider body more generally, have been absolutely destroyed by one hill run. Vaguely thought about some intervals yesterday, but immediately abandoned that in favour of further recovery. Will probably take today off as foot is again a bit tender. Worried to google ‘stress fracture’. Will probably just pretend nothing is wrong and hope for the best. 
  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
    SQ - Good luck with the 7Sins. You'll be fine. Sore but fine. Hope the foot settles. 

    Joe - It wouldn't be Christmas without your marathon. Tell your coach to stop being a scrooge. Real shame about Katie's other foot. Did the 2 stress fractures happen together when training for Frankfurt?

    TR - Great mileage for the year. I think I'm going to be just short of 2000 miles for the year. Last year was a touch over 2000 miles, so it just seems to be where I end up.

    AWC - Good luck in the ultra. What's the course expected to be like, a mudfest or is it more hardpack trails.

    Hamo - Hope the ankle continues to settle.

    Cal - Some solid training there. A good sign to feel good the day after a 20 miler.

    I was sick Thursday, Friday last week so didn't run at all, then had XC on Sunday. It was in a park in Reading and was a real quagmire. I don't mind hills or rough rocky trails but those muddy fields are my nemesis. Was a 2 lapper for 5 miles total. Caught up with Reg at the start before setting off quite sedately, thinking I'd gradually pick off the places in the first couple of miles. But it didn't really happen. At the end of each lap there was about 1km of muddy trail that seemed a real treat after the water logged fields. Through the field I didn't feel I was working especially hard, but my legs just couldn't go any faster. Onto the trail each time I made up a fair few places a felt alright. Ended up in 12th. It was a stronger field than usual but also a number of people I've beaten in the past finished ahead of me. Not to worry, all good fun. A decent 17 miler this morning but felt completely spent by the end. I don't think I could've made it another 3 miles.
  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
    Forgot to say - Merry Christmas everyone, HO HO HO!
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Just popping in to say Happy Christmas to everyone!!
    My running has been a bit haphazard the last week due to being very busy at work. Our parkrun course is also flooded so have had to cancel our Xmas day special. On the plus side i can enjoy my lager guilt free tonight without the fear of having to RD with a hangover.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    SQ - hope the foot comes good. Worth trying some ice ?

    HA - well done on the xc and the 17m.

    Millsy - see you at Stubby soon.

    10m inc strides today to complete a 12 day double digit streak.(14,16,15,10,13,10,10,10,16,12,18,10). If my snottiness has gone after a rest day tomorrow, then I'll do the LT run on thursday.

    Have a Merry Christmas.
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    Well done on maintaining the streak TR.

    Enjoy the guilt-free lager whilst you can Millsy.

    A good 17 after the Saturday XC HA77.  I was half tempted by the Bucks XC Championships on 5 January but given I've not done any XC for a few years it would only lead to disaster.

    Hope the foot is OK SQ.

    A few relaxed days should put you in the mood for Saturday AWC.
    I was hoping to get out for 10 miles on Christmas Day but a marathon sounds bit extreme Joe.

    Hope the LT session went well Hamo.

    LT session for me, late afternoon.  On the treadmill, with the middle 10K as a tempo and 16K in total. Struggled a little after 6K of the tempo but managed to hang on in there to complete the 10K in 39:12.  Not too bad.

    Best Wishes for Christmas to everyone.
  • I hope you're all having a nice Christmas (I wonder if Joe's finished yet?)
    Did South Manchester parkrun today while my friend slept in, plus a two mile run there and then back again. Flat course but one path had a lot of standing water which couldn't be avoided due to the "Ditch of Doom" that runs alongside it. But I'm very happy to get another sub-25 parkrun done, so legs seem to be recovering. Not sure of the official time as it's not been posted yet - they ran out of tokens and I doubt the results person will want to be dealing with all the manual entering on Christmas Day. But Garmin made it 24:44 which would be my fourth fastest parkrun on any course, and a course PB.
  • 24:42 - happy with that.
  • Happy Boxing Day all. Went back to the same park for a few laps and 9 miles (easy pace, but all under 11 thank goodness). Avoided the wet paths this time! Have a good day, everyone.
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