P&D Spring Marathon 2020



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    Cal...Glad you are feeling ok in yourself. Nice hilly MLR. Brilliant work on the 5 miler, esp after a hilly 11 the day before and a few wrong turns :lol: class, well done. You are hoovering up these strava crowns rightly at the minute.

    Spoons...I agree, i think it'll be an elite race at London just (even more so after TR's post), but they cant win is right, i say fair play to them for trying their best to get something on. Nice Long run, glad the legs held up to it. This slow and steady build back up will do wonders for you.

    Steve...Nice easy running, and they are lovely photos on strava.

    Millsy...Class LT, working hard into the wind like that will give you good strength, mentally and physically.

    AWC...Brilliant that you can feel and see the plan working for you, good work on finishing the MLR at +10's, it's tough to do that at the end.

    TR...You are right, daren't stop now :lol: Run it and move on, i like that philosophy. Interesting re Moose and VLM, sounds nailed on there will be a race of some kind in October now (elite only would be my guess). Nice MLR, sensible easing off if you were tired and achy.

    I ran my 6 mile recovery last night on the treadmill in case my hamstring acted up so i could just jump off and be done with it, rather than have to hobble home. Thankfully all seemed well, bit noticeable but nothing major at all. Out this morning for a 5 mile recovery and again, thankfully, the legs felt good, no pain, nothing, so hopefully it was just a wee shout from a tired muscle when i tried to push it yesterday.

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    That's very encouraging, hamo - glad it's not serious.
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    Cal, I was always planning to do the Chiltern Wonderland 50 mile on the 12th September and still have a place for the Autumn 100 on 10th October. These were both booked well before London got postponed. I had fully expected just to withdraw from the 100 as it was too soon after London but with London very likely to be cancelled it may be back on the cards.
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    Cal - i agree, keep at em, if we submit to age it'll all be downhill.

    Hamo - good news on the hammy.

    I think i have something like osteitis pubis (ooh err), which is tightness, imfammation and annoyed lower abdomen etc, it flares and settles, but resting it months still didnt fix it. After ydays post i did a few of my neglected stretches, funnily enough 6m this morning was a lot better. I was super stiff and tight last night, probably a function of too much running and too much sitting around at work and home lately.

    6m easy, much happier.
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    I had a Brighton update. Brighton as we know it cant happen (sept 20th), but its moved and still on, snd will be on the streets of brighton in the autumn in a unique way. More to follow.......clear as mud......just as long as its still some sort of wave start race on a closef loop and not a turn up and run this route whenever you fsncy iver a 10 day period.
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    TR - Fingers crossed you get to run Brighton.
    Cal - Nice 5 miler. Good pace after your hilly route.
    Hamo - Good to hear.
    AWC - Good to see the fitness gains!
    Millsy - While I can run those MP miles, it's only because they are short sessions, if I was doing 10 miles of MP, it would be closer to 6:50-7:00 I would guess. Nice work on the LT. I might see if I can schedule in CW50 next year.

    Anyway, 8 miles with 3 at MP (again probably Tinman tempo pace and not MP!!), 6:39/42/35. Next week I'll have to see if I can hit those in 6:45-6:50 pace instead!! 
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    Evening everyone. Summer has returned!
    That’s a great double over the weekend, Millsy. And I’m very impressed you were up for the LT so soon. 3pm would be a great race start time. I think only XC have I experienced this. Fine for an early and light lunch. Ok for caffeine hit before hand (I’m so middle aged I can’t handle a coffee pre evening race 😆), and perfect timing for beers after. 
    That’s an epic, 5k hamo. I’d be keen to see what you can do on the track. The new club sound excellent. I saw some chat on FB that VLM will be elite only. I hope champs get a go for your sake, if not mine. Hope the hammy is ok. I’ve found mine respond well to gentle exercise of the area rather than rest. Single left straight leg deadlifts etc. 
    AWC - a little easier, thank you. The buggy an absolute godsend. Great running from you. 
    Great session, Steve. And don’t worry about MP/tempo. Unless you have a race imminently lined up - ‘pretty hard’ covers it fairly well. 
    John - an unfortunate welcome to the world of hypoglycaemia. Pleased it all worked out ok in the end. The worst for me is when I overtake insulin and go low - experiencing the same and having to eat, despite being really full. Absolutely amazing your son in on Zwift at the same time. We live in the future!
    Sorry to hear about the possible shingles, Cal. Can you get a video/telephone appointment. My recent ones have been brilliant and they even deliver the prescription. Great 5M. 
    Jools - unbelievable M-F mileage, amazing parkrun and truly outrageous double summit of Everest. Just call you Kilian!
    Spoons - yes, it’s a Julian Spence special. Fun yet tough. A productive half an hour if you’re ever unsure what session to do. And without a track, time based sessions feel much more appealing. Agreed re VLM, you’ve got to enjoy the process so everyone should chill. Suspect you are right with the elite/virtual combo. Whilst it won’t lead to a PB, I could do 4-6 weeks on long runs and get round it good shape. Although, to be fair, I would have a different mindset as a first timer. Talking of Moose, he is ‘officially’ training for London, so I assume this 30+ elites have been given the nod. Sounds a lovely route and perfect time of year for it. I am in on the 13th August for results day. So if you fancy an afternoon recovery, or 6am job, I’m really up for meeting. Fantastic on the increased mileage from you. And I am loving the wildlife photography. 

    Monday saw a strange double buggy day of 2 x 7.5M easy runs. Unsurprisingly tired by this on Tuesday, so just a 5M buggy before camping. Enjoyed sunny weather this time! Wednesday 7.5M buggy and a few single arm accelerations. I have decided to stop calling these strides, as to me, strides indicate an exaggeration in really good form - simply not possible with the buggy. 
    Session this morning: first hill workout in many months. 3 x 3 mins ( with jog down), 3 x 2, 3 x 1, 3 x 30s. A good session and my training partner was pulling ahead - this definitely spurred me on. Really noticeable how the different length reps challenged different energy systems. The two min reps were the ones that produced greatest jelly legs. All in 9M, 8:22 pace and 400m vert. Will try to keep some kind of hill session in every three weeks or so. I’d like to include more 12s sharp hills on easy days, but not easy with the buggy. Probably possible to park the buggy, leg it up and then return. Will try!
    This afternoon included my first swim in a year. Cheltenham’s incredible Art Deco lido opened, under heavy restrictions, and my wife booked me a slot. Fantastic to get in the water for 800m. Lats on fire. In tri days this was one rep 😆. Then a gentle 3M jog around parks close to lido at 9m/m. 
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    SQ, it's definitely shingles. I've had it three years on the trot (and also in my late 20s). Last year I had it twice in two months. I went to the doc for acyclovir when it popped up in June but when it came back, I didn't bother and it cleared up just as quickly. I don't think I need it, I feel fine and the itching is much reduced today. Some people get it very badly but it's really just a tiny patch on me - I guess it's just like having a cold sore, but on my bum.
    Nice running and swimming there.

    TR, maybe it'll be 20 laps of the power station. :D
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    Steve - good to see you back on the sessions

    SQ - another good week there. Agreed, you could do a short block inc some long and longish mediums and you'd go well. A lot of higher level folks have short mara build ups, but are always at a decent level anyway, you've put in a good mix recently.

    Cal - maybe, i reckon it'll be some closed off loop and they'll do waves of the mini races and 10k. Cant see a mara. Looks like the Goodwood style of race day will be the answer, with multple dustances starting at different points on the track, a closed cct away from the public and no spectators.......vlm could close some parks off and do multiple dates and waves.
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    Jools, I hope to do Leg 7 of the Wye relay. August 9th. You or your club in? Just wondering if you know of a GPX I could download or have any advice. Monmouth, Kimin (never been there so excited to run it), Offas Dyke Path, Bigsweir. 
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    Sorequads said:
    Jools, I hope to do Leg 7 of the Wye relay. August 9th. You or your club in? Just wondering if you know of a GPX I could download or have any advice. Monmouth, Kimin (never been there so excited to run it), Offas Dyke Path, Bigsweir. 
    Shame you didn't ask earlier: I've just done a there & back of it today! I'm not racing it but joined a clubmate who is for his recce. It's a lovely but tough route due to having over 400m of ascent in just over 10K & loads of latched kissing gates so lots of stopping & starting. Relatively straightforward to follow at a leisurely pace as it's fairly comprehensively signed but it would be easy to miss them when racing so I'd recommend a recce if you can fit one in. Unfortunately I'm away next week or I'd be happy to show you the way. Backed up my 13.3M & 2,755ft this morning with a 7M loop from just outside Hay. I hiked up & to the trig then jogged back down so another 1734 ft for the challenge which puts me on 74,000 for July  B)
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    TR...Glad the stretches helped. That is strange announcement from Brighton, hopefully they'll put on some kind of actual race, rather than a virtual one, you deserve a chance to put all that training to use.

    Steve...Nice work on the 8 with 3, speedy.

    SQ...Yea sounding more and more nailed on that the elites will be racing London, just have to see who else, if any one, will be allowed to too next week. Glad you got sunny weather for your camping. Nice buggy running as usual. Excellent hill session, must have helped to have company on it, sounds tough.

    Cal...Glad the itching is getting less and your feeling good.

    Jools...That's some double day you've put in, class.

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    Hamo - you racing tonight? If so, hope it goes well. We'll be willing you on.

    7m easy, 333m for July, nearly 2300 for the year so far.
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    Thanks TR, really appreciate that. Yea NI&Ulster 10,000m "B" race tonight (biggest field ever entered as far as i know so they had to split them into 3, people just want to race anywhere by the looks of things, myself included) at 6.30 pm...Forecast is 21oC and >80% humidity, so will be a baptism of fire (literally) :lol: In all honesty though, I'm just looking forward to giving it a good lash and seeing what comes out, while reminding myself i'm in the middle of a 106 mile week, off the back of a 105 mile one, so can't expect lightning :flushed::lol:

    Big month, and big year so far for you, the lack of tapering and recovery for and from anything is really showing in peoples mileage. 422 miles for me in July (after tonight) is up there with my biggest months too.
  • JooliganJooligan ✭✭✭
    Love the 333 TR Sizable cushion you've built to achieve the 3,660M target.
    Good luck in the 10,000m Hamo. At least it's cooler over your side.
    It was 27oC at 10:30am after I'd done my 12.5M to bring up 343M in July (+ 30M walked including 3 mountain hikes when I've jogged back down) & 2,178 for 2020
    Finally completed the Elevation Challenge on 75,781ft B)
    Gonna take an easy week of walking with a few shorter runs - nothing over 65 mins or recovery HR after a blast at (not)parkrun tomorrow. I predict a slow time for sure as my legs are toast :D 
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    Bloody hell, Jooligan! I was just happy to get my Strava 2000m climbing badge!

    hamo, that seems like crazy mileage to me - 200+ is a big month for me. 173 this month, but that was with the groin and other issues.
    TR - that's more than my annual mileage target (I should hit 1200 tomorrow).

    It's currently 33 degrees in London, according to the weather forecast, but my room's a bit over 27 as I've shut my shutters. Unfortunately my room faces west so I'll get the sun full bore this evening. I really wish I had an east facing room instead.
    It'll still be 19 degrees at 6am so I reckon it'll be a recovery run for me tomorrow.
    Today was walking and the gym - managed to book the right bit this time, with the free weights. I've avoided going too heavy yet, as I don't want an epic case of DOMS messing with my running.
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    Hamo - wow, im sure you'll go wel, but obviously the bonus will be you know youd have more to come with an easier week and no mara training.

    Jools - big month of miles and climbing, must have built some strength. Agreed im well placed for the 3660 even if tapering and recovery is needed (i do hope so), i only need 278 per month.

    Cal - very wise re the gym, or your next few runs become a butt kicking.
  • Quick check in to wish Hamo all the best tonight.  Being a race I guess you’ll have to keep your vest on !

    Som great pics on Strava these last few days and some decent running too, (I’m about the same total TR) ridiculous elevation from Jools, brilliant. Good to read you’re on top of niggles Cal.

    I followed the thread whilst on hols but with the virtual Lakeland Challenge there wasn’t much time between beach, fire time with lad and evening rehydration. The challenge was 105 miles in the week and I chose to try to follow distances between official checkpoints, ave 15 miles a day.  This was ok until I shortchanged one day requiring a midnight marathon the next.  I’d also signed up to the Centurion vertical challenge but I’d put this on hold as the holiday was in a very flat area of Essex. On returning home,  to finish the LL challenge and register some climb I did 31 reps of a local 200ft hill for around 7,000ft in 4 hours.  I really enjoyed it as something completely different and will do it again in smaller chunks.  However My legs are only starting to function near normally today, 5 days later, I don’t know why I am surprised but they were completely destroyed.

    Anyway,  Spartathlon have announced they are good to go in late Sept (a lot can change of course) so today’s run in the midday heat felt like good acclimatisation.
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    Macca: great news on Spartathlon - that will be one amazing race! I loved reading about it in Dean Karnazes' book. Great vert on the local hill as well
    Hamo: hope the race went well tonight. Was reading about it on NI Running and wondered if you'd be in for it
    SQ: great hill session. You've been doing lots of hilly runs so they have obviosuly kept your legs in good shape for the hills
    12mi MLR this morning - combined it with our club session 'Avenue of Pain' which is 6 miles of rollings hills and over 1,000ft of vert but most of it pretty runnable. Legs tired but pretty good
    Sunday is 18mi with 12mi at MP - that will be a test to see where I'm really at now
    Good luck to everyone else with LRs this weekend.

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    Hamo - great racing, I'm sure these races will sharpen you up pretty well and add an extra dimension to your fitness. Look forward to hearing about the 10k.

    Macca - Spartathlon will be epic, and with the miles you've been getting in you must be well prepped for it. Really excited to hear how it goes.

    SQ - haha, yes now I know what it feels like and have no wish to experience it again. Great variety of running.

    Jools - amazing elevation, that must put you right up there on the leaderboard. How do you feel after a month of so much climbing? 

    Cal - good to hear the shingles are not stopping you running although must be mildly annoying given where they are! Or maybe you don't notice it anymore since you've gotten used to it.

    Spoons - this one made it 5 so far this year, 2 on the TM, 2 pacing my mate and 1 as part of the Centurion 100 mile challenge. Most I've done before this year was 3 but they were all in races and so without any pressure to train to a schedule now I might as well do a few more. Glad to see you're upping the mileage.

    Millsy, TR, Steve, AWC - I can see you're all tracking well

    Kept it light this week and really enjoyed today's run, probably the best in a few months. It's on a walking trail that hugs one of the northern harbours, a famous one called the Manly to Spit Walk. Luckily it's only a couple of miles from my house and starts under a road bridge that opens up a few times a day to let the expensive yachts cruise to and from the marina. A gravel path leads away from there and follows the steep curve of the harbour, with overhanging rocks, a small waterfall, wooden footbridges and amazing views across to some of the priciest mansions in Sydney on the other side. After a bit of up and down it emerges at Clontarf, a dog and child friendly beach with barely any waves but an interesting tide. There are some super expensive house with direct beach access and at high tide the water blocks off the beach but today there was a small sliver of sand that I ran along. The trail then heads back into the bush and up and down again, passing more small beaches and still giving superb views on a cloudless and cold morning. It starts to rise and after a stretch of steps you emerge at a park at the top of the cliffs. This has a fantastic lookout and you can see all the way south across to the other side of the harbour. Then it's back into the trail and you start heading back down the other side towards Manly. I got my first "keep your distance" comment here from a walker, still surprises me that anyone so anxious chooses to go onto a narrow rocky trail, but I didn't let it bother me. Down a series of steps and the trail curves around towards the less accessible beaches on the Manly side, great for locals to enjoy in the summer. It then emerges out of the bush onto a rocky beach, a bit of hopping over these and then back onto the road. A relatively short trail but my favourite one to do in the early mornings (I passed about 10 walkers in total), it's a completely different experience after 9am as it's so popular with day trippers. Put me in a good mood to do a long run tomorrow (although just finished putting up new curtain rails at the in laws and have upper body aches aplenty).   
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Cracking work Macca, must have been tough if your legs were groaning.

    AWC - i did the mp run today

    John - sounds great, cant believe you treadie it when you could run outside given where you live.

    P and D mp run today, with no build up races these are key runs for me. Aim was to beat the 1.27.15 from a few weeks ago for hm, was a bit behind after 3m but dragged it back for 1.27.01 so av 6.39. Approx 6.50s in the first 3 and last 3 which are rolling and approx 6.30s on the flat. 6.30s feels a bit too sporty though. 3m wu and 3m wd. 19m total.
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    John, they limit certain things like lying down exercises in the gym (ab stuff, for example) and lounging in front of the TV, but they're not bad right now. I have stopped noticing them when I'm watching TV but I'm still steering clear of sit-ups and leg raises etc.
    That sounds like a lovely run, aisde from the comment. I notice people where I am are a lot less touchy about me passing than they were at the start of lockdown. On the one hand, it's less stressful, but I also worry people are being too blase now.

    TR, very decent run given the temperature at the moment.

    Did a 6 mile recovery plod this morning - I only slept 5 hours due to the heat and it was already 18 degrees when I went out around 5:20am or so (I say already, it just didn't cool down overnight) so my legs felt leaden. I tried injecting some strides into the last mile but they didn't help as they normally do - legs were so heavy. I didn't do much leg work in the gym so I can only attribute it to the heat, lack of sleep and the two fast runs I did during the week.
    Hopefully legs will be better tomorrow. The Vet Runners UK event for tomorrow is a 15K which I may do if I feel quick again, but it's a relaxed, fun contest so you're allowed to do them up to two days later. There's also a half marathon event to be done any time before Friday (well, also a marathon, but I don't suppose many people will want to do that one).
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    Thank to Jools for the GPX. Very poor timing on my behalf! Would have been good to recce with you. Have a good time in Scotland. Whereabouts?
    Macca I enjoyed your virtual challenge whilst following on Strava. Exciting Spartatlon might be a goer. What does it involve? Seem to remember reading about it in various running books. 
    John that really does sound a lovely run. I love how you make the most of living in such a great location. 

    Good long run this morn: 15.3M, 387m ascent at 7:49 pace. One major hill and a fair bit of rolling, gates, faffing etc. Lovely mixed terrain route: road start, a few fields, then up the big climb onto the Cotswold escarpment before enjoying the views on the common and taking the steep road back home. Ran with one other mate and enjoyed a good chinwag. Tired from the off, so made my excuses up the massive hill. Looked on Strava after, to be nicely surprised by a PB up Aggs hill. Often the way. 
    With a standard buggy recovery tomorrow,!85 will be a fifth straight 70M+ week and I am determined to take a down week - definitely not my forte. However, I am doing an actual race (sort of) on Sunday 9th: the Wyedean Relay https://sites.google.com/site/roguerunsevents/home/our-events/wyedean-relay. Various legs around the Forest of Dean and surrounding area, run every 90 minutes. 30 in my wave and asked to line up in 5k speed. So theoretically no overtaking. Jools recced it yesterday and kindly sent me the GPX. Six people now have said it is critical to recce it - can’t see it happening! Hope to blag it on the day/get massively lost and pissed off. Anyway, will be good to do an event with club mates there. 
  • JohnOzJohnOz ✭✭✭
    TR - yep I should really be outside a lot more. Before March I hardly used the TM but then didn’t feel comfortable going out in crowded areas so really got into it especially with Zwift. Since then I’ve used it to manage a few niggles and also because it’s just convenient to be able to stop whenever I feel like it. It’s ironic that just as I’m now getting back outside more the prospect of another lockdown is looming (Melbourne has gone into stage 4 lockdown today). Still low number of cases here but got to make the most of it while I can. However a local club reinstated their monthly 10k race this weekend so slowly seeing events re-emerge. 

    Great MP run, that’s a solid workout. 
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    John, I hope the lockdown doesn't stop you going out to run. Good knowing you have the tready as back-up though.

    SQ, sounds like a fun run, nice to get an unexpected PB up the hill. Good luck with that relay.

    Felt a bit better this morning so decided I would have a stab at the Vet Runners UK 15K. I've not run a 15K since my first proper year of racing (2015 - I'd done several races before this but I'd had a lot of downtime due to injuries and my parents dying, so 2015 was when it kicked off properly. Did 8 half marathons that year and signed up for my first marathon, which I did the following year). Back then my goal was to break 90 minutes, which I did.
    I wasn't expecting to be particularly fast today but I was hoping to run it at around 9 min/mi pace (which is my marathon PB pace, more or less). I did a warm-up mile then restarted my watch and began in earnest.
    First three miles were below 9 but then my pace dropped over 9 minutes and after another mile at the same pace I revised my target to sub-9:15. I kept to that until 8 miles but I was finding it hard work and the last full mile was 9:21. I manage to up my pace to sub-9 again for the last third of a mile and came in at 1:24:53.
    I'm not unhappy with that due to the injury downtime, the shingles and the poor sleep (not to mention two other hard efforts this week plus a hill run) but I am clearly a fair bit away from peak fitness.
    I don't use a chest HRM but the HR given by the watch was pretty high - 170s on average, which is more what I'd expect for an all-out 5K.
    It was nice and fresh this morning so I can't blame the heat but I really do need to get more sleep, I think.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    SQ - thats another good week, hope the event goes well.

    John - i guess lockdown makes the treadie a valuable asset.

    Cal - good effort there. Hope you get some rest soon.

    Tired and achey 7m here.
  • NorthEnderNorthEnder ✭✭✭
    Sorequads said:
    Jools, I hope to do Leg 7 of the Wye relay. August 9th. You or your club in? Just wondering if you know of a GPX I could download or have any advice. Monmouth, Kimin (never been there so excited to run it), Offas Dyke Path, Bigsweir. 

    Hi SQ.  Just logged on, after another long gap... having got back in the house at 00:10 after a night run from Monmouth to Bigsweir and back :D   However, I took a MUCH flatter route than the tortuous one you're going to be doing next week  (I can send you that gpx if you want to cheat ;)

    Have you got sorted for this?  The route you're taking is one of my favourite runs, but as Jools says... it's tough (I can't imagine anyone will be able to run the hill out of Redbrook... it's a killer!  I would think that some runners who haven't reccied will make some little mistakes... there are definitely a few gates/junctions where you'll feel unsure if you're just trying to follow the Offa's Dyke signs.  I could certainly have a look at the detailed route description and make one or two small helpful comments... but not sure I can make it all completely transparent.  Maybe I could even run it Tuesday night.  Can't promise, but I'd sure enjoy it.  Let me know.
  • NorthEnderNorthEnder ✭✭✭
    ^^^  I mean to generate a gpx and make a few notes of the trickiest bits.  ^^^
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    Welcome back, NE.

    Resting today (I did a 4.5 mile walk) but I need some advice. I still need to do a half marathon for the Vet Runners "olympics". Looking at the weather this week, tomorrow is the best day (13 degrees, no wind) and then it goes downhill after that. Wednesday is 16 degrees but much breezier, and after that the days are warmer and muggier. (Obviously I am going by the 6am temps - it's going to hit 30s again during the warmest parts of the day. And that will also impact my sleep towards the end of the week).
    So the ideal thing would be to do it tomorrow, but I'm a bit concerned that it's only two days after the 15K.
    The other decision I need to make is whether to try for a decent time (obviously not a PB time, but be nice to do a sub-2), say to hell with it and run at an easy pace, or somewhere in between.
    These events have no prizes or anything and are just for fun but I have my pride. :D
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    Jools...Congrats on completing the challenge, that is a huge amount of climbing in a month.

    Macca...Brilliant work completing that while on Hols, hope you had a nice time. That is serious climbing in 4 hours, no wonder the legs where battered. Good news about the Spartathlon.

    AWC...Lovely MLR, fair play to you throwing the "avenue of pain" (class name) into the middle of it too.

    John...That trail sounds like a beautiful run, glad it got you energised for the long run too.

    TR...Brilliant MP LR, encouraging that you where quicker over it than the last time out too. Tired and achy runs, proper marathon training, love it.

    SQ...Nice long run, and another big week. That's an interesting way to get a race on, i'm sure your looking forward to it. Having an actual race to aim for really sharpens your focus in training i find.

    Cal...Really well done on the 15k, as i alluded to on strava, i think you did better there than you're giving yourself credit for, you were a lot closer to 9 m/ms than your revised 9.15s. Good work, esp off the back of a big week effort wise, and not being fully fit. How are your legs feeling after the 15k? I would be tempted to go for the 1/2 tomorrow if its the best day weather wise, and i'd say go for, aim for sub 2 and smash it.

    NE...Good to see you, hope you've been keeping well.

    Friday nights 10,000m's went alright, not overly thrilled with myself but not broken hearted either. I showed my naivety on the track, and ran hard from the gun, leading on my own for the first 4/4.5 miles, before the others worked together from about 100 metres back and started to reel me in. I found the track to be relentless, there is no hills (obviously), corners etc to work towards or to "recover" on the down hills from, it's just monotonous effort and pace, plus it was warm :flushed: :wink: So when i got overtaken by the top 2 with 6/7 laps to go my head went a bit, and i started to struggle and blew up if i'm honest. Came home in 4th in 33.40, which isn't awful but i could have and should have medalled had i raced tactically/smarter i think. But the thing that annoyed me the most was throwing the head up, that is something i'm going to have to work hard on not making a habit off. Anyway, it was a good night in hindsight, a leg stretcher/good hard effort and a learning curve so it maybe wasn't as bad as i made it out to myself to have been.

    Saturdays rearranged 14 mile MLR was on tired legs, but not just as bad as i had feared they would have been which gave me a bit of confidence for yesterdays MP'd LR. I ditched my usual progressive build up i usually run into MP miles, and opted for an easy 3 mile warm up just to give myself the best chance of running and completing the session. It was tough work at times, and my legs felt heavy but overall i'm happy with 12 miles averaging 5.38 m/ms (ranging from 5.30 - 5.50) for the MP section, before a further 5 miles easy as a cool down to make it 20 for the day. That brought me to 106.5 miles for the week. 

    This weeks cut back week will be starting with 6 recovery miles this afternoon. I had meant to run them this morning, but a sophisticated glass of wine with my dinner yesterday quickly turned into 2 unsophisticated bottles so that had to be swiftly rearranged :flushed: :lol: 
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