P&D Spring Marathon 2020



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    Looks like a few of us will be hitting big personal mileage targets for the year which is a positive.

    Cal, glad the hip/glute is feeling better. You will soon get that fitness back.

    TR, fingers crossed, in a couple of ways.

    SQ, great to see you back & training

    Jools, hope the niggle is nothing serious, maybe just a reaction to wearing spikes for the first time in awhile. 

    I gave my new Hoka Rincon a run out on Saturday, they encouraged me to go far too fast compared to my normal saturday 13 miler. Felt easy ticking along at 7.30 pace. I think i`ll save them for faster stuff. I ended up paying for it on yesterdays long run. I ran out of gas after 11 miles and the remaining 7 were more of a shuffle home. It did`t help that I had my full ARC 50 kit in my pack which weighs quite a lot more than I usually take for fair weather ultras. Completed 73 miles for the week which is going in the right direction.

  • Cal..."breathing sounded like a lumberjack porn film" properly made me lol. Nice 5k TT, a good bench mark as you say and something to work off over winter. Fair play pushing yourself on for a few extra miles in that 12 miler after a less than ideal nights sleep with the alarm :lol: 

    TR...Hope everyone is ok and recovers quickly and fully, which i'm sure you all will. I'm sure its not nice being locked in with that news, but at least you have the turbo, and are fit enough to use it. You will be out running again in no time. Good to see that track and trace is doing what it should.

    Jools...Oh no, hope the injury clears quickly, and you are back at it in no time. I hear spikes can be brutal on the lower legs.

    SQ...Delighted to hear from you and see that run on strava yesterday, class to see. :lol: yea, i would keep the child lifting to ones that belong to you rather than students, less chance of legal action that way :lol: Good that you have the watt bikes and gym to use to keep yourself active all the same, and you have all winter (and maybe spring) to build yourself back up to full fitness, so you can take your time and not overdo things.

    Macca...a fast 5k followed by a MLR/LR is a good weekends work Macca, and good base building, which seems to be the buzz word in running circles at the minute :lol: 

    John...Good to hear you have recovered from the marathon. As you said to Macca, signing up for those virtual miles will keep your mileage building rightly.

    Millsy...Nice weekends work, definitely good ultra training. I have heard good things about the Rincons.

    I was up at the cock crow on Saturday morning with the kids to go hiking in the Mournes. My eldest wants to climb the 7-7s (7 tallest peaks in the range above 700m) by the time she is 11 (new years eve) so we headed down to tackle Slieve Bearnagh, the 4th tallest. She has 1 to 3 ticked off already. It was a beautiful morning/afternoon, and nice to be out in the fresh air. Anyway, i had planned an easy 10 miler for the evening, but after procrastinating all afternoon from we got home, and with the promise of a Chinese when i got back if it wasn't late, that turned into a steady 10 miler :lol: and I ended up averaging 6.25's on very tired legs which was interesting to say the least. 

    I followed that up with a 19 mile LR on Sunday morning. I'm enjoying going out with no set distance to hit to be honest, and just running until i circle for home.

    6 mile recovery run this morning which i was glad for as the legs are feeling it a bit after a big enough weekend
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Good to see SQ and millsy

    Macca - those regular 5ks must be doing you good, a short sharp hard tempo each week.

    Hamo - a busy weekend, excellent work from young Ms Hamo too.

    Cheers for the good wishes. She has been proper poorly in the ladt few days. Sounds like Kelly Holmes experience. I made sure she was ok earlier and then did my turbo hour, my lad kept an eye on her every 5 mins. The bods say most folks experience a mild illness, i wouldnt fancy what they call medium.

    Im trying to work out if my isolation term gets extended if my lads test is positive.
  • Hope things are improving TR, or at least not getting worse.  Pretty sure your isolation period only extends if you develop symptoms https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-51048366

    Millsy - I got an email from the Endurance Store yesterday with their range of Hokas in sale, inc the carbon plates.  

    A packed weekend Hamo, great that the kids want to do that sort of thing & good you are just doing some sessions you feel like.

    John - not sure if I’ll do the 100 or 145 in one hit with the current restrictions. Ok by letter of the law but maybe not in the spirit of the law.  I want to do something different, maybe a marathon a day or something similar.

    I noticed loads of Xmas lights during my evening run Sunday.  I’ll see if I can bring some Xmas cheer to Strava 🎅 

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Macca - cheers, yday was a worry, she is a bit brighter today, so hopefully turned a corner. Ive been awake since 4am again listening out for the groaning. I sponging her with cold water ar 5am the previous night.......the 14days started mon 2nd when her symptoms started, as she tested positive her 10 day isolation ends Thursday, but she is a way off being well enough to go out. My lad had symptons thursday 5th, if he tests positive then its 10 days from thursday 5th, if negative its the original 14 days. Im not sure as you say if theyll restart my 14 days from Thursday 5th........i had a sore throat overnight but only minor and might be due to being awake since 4am....if i have to take a test it'll start the count again from ydays sore throat, if its positive then 10 days from last night, if its negative then either 14 days from mon 2nd or thurs 5th. The track and trace updates you with emails and texts ( my experience of the track and trace has been good).
  • TR...Doesn't sound fun at all, i really feel for your wife, glad to hear she is a bit brighter already though, hopefully she has turned the corner as you say. It all sounds very complicated with the dates, but it is good that track and trace has been positive for you and is keeping you right. Hopefully you and your son can avoid the worst of it no matter the test results.

    Macca...Looking forward to the Strava Christmas cheer, some of the photos you put on strava are class, like the post boxes and the halloween stump (my kids favourite one :lol:). A marathon a day would be a good challenge alright.

    9 mile GA this morning in shorts and a t shirt, no under armour or anything...it is very mild for this time of the year.

  • Sending you best wishes TR & co.  

    Hamo - I felt a bit bad about the Halloween stump pic, I put it on FB and I think someone thought it was real !
  • hamo, that's some proper adventuring there!

    TR, you're a good partner. Best wishes your family and hope you stay Covid-free.

    Macca - only seen one garden that had fairy lights in the bushes. I actually love running when people have their lights up so I'm quite looking forward to that. For now, though, I'm enjoying the Autumn leaves.

    Millsy, great job there. Glad you like the shoes.

    Rest yesterday (I walked 4.5 miles) but I did have a lovely run today. I didn't go out until after 9 and it was warm and quite sunny - even got the shorts out! I decided on the spur of the moment to do a double prison run (why not?), so I ran to Brixton prison (or at least, past the road where it is - there is a barrier there so wasn't sure if I could run along it... so I ran past the windmill again which is on the next road down) then along through Clapham and Wandsworth commons, alongside Wandsworth prison and back home. I covered a little over 9 miles, which brings me to 1700 for the year. (I've actually likely run a good bit further than that but I round down fractions when it comes to recording my miles).
    Got lucky with the roads too - I managed to get across all of them without stopping, even though there was plenty of traffic. One of those good runs we all hope for.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Good news cal

    The lad tested positive so ive booked myself a test, even though i felt ok on the turbo earlier. I guess i could have had symptoms when i thought i had mild concussion last week.
  • Best of luck with the COVID situation TR.
    I'm definitely benched for the week. Tried an easy 5M along the canal yesterday lunchtime but was in agony by the end & hobbling about for the rest of the day. I can walk almost normally again today but not too far & it hurts if I stand too long. Fortunately the new guy at work is currently doing his physiotherapy degree, has just completed his ankle injury module & has offered to practise his diagnostic skills so fingers crossed I'll have a better idea of what I've done by tomorrow afternoon.
  • Macca...Not at all, it was a class picture :lol: 

    Cal...Love how you "rest" by walking miles and miles :lol: Nice running, taking in the prisons added a bit of a novelty factor i'm sure.

    TR...Not nice news about your son, but not unexpected i'd imagine, and a sensible idea to get yourself tested too. How is he feeling? Is you wife feeling any better? 

    Jools...Not good, hope you recovery quickly and a sensible decision to take a rest. Hope your new fella at work can help diagnose it so you know how to heal it, lucky he has started in your work.

    10 miles with 3 x 10 mins at LT pace (off 3 mins) this morning, the efforts came out in the 5.30 min miling range so happy enough with that as its been a while since I've done LT work. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Jools - hope he helps you out and you're soon back in action.

    Thats a good session done Hamo, you are still in good nick.

    SPO has been proper poorly . Kelly Holmes descriprion of her own time line is very sinilar, re the dizziness, nausea and severe headaches. Hopefully she'll be well enough to eat a little soon. She only has the odd bite and cant do anymore. Yday she improved in the morning and rhen went downhill aain........she is allowed out tomorrow, ill be impressed if she is well enough to go out in a weeks time.

    Every day i hope she will be bit better, but today ive had to scrape her out of the bathroom and put her back in bed, and then she passed out on the next bathroom visit. Roll on tomorrow morning.
  • hamo, it's the only way I can make my daily target of 10,000 steps. My flat is that small that if I don't go out, I won't even do 1000. (Plus I had to go to Earlsfield to drop of my id at the new Estate Agent I'm using, so it was a walk to do something, rather than walking for the sake it of it).
    Excellent job on the LT run!

    TR that sounds awful. I've heard some people with Covid seem to get better and then get worse again - can last months for some poor people. Hopefully it won't be like that.
    I do wonder if the bug I had earlier in the year was Covid. Started with what I thought was a tension headache, and I actually went for a run the next day to try and shake it but it got worse and I had really bad chills. I remember lying in a really hot bath trying to get warm. I had terrible aches up and down my back, and the headache itself lasted five days. Felt nauseous on the third day and puked once. But I had no sign of a cough or anything else and I was better within a week so if it was Covid I was very lucky.

    Jools, handy you have a colleague who can help you - do take it easy though.

    Today was earmarked for some speedwork so I opted to go out after 9 as I'm faster then. I ran down to that small rec I found last week that had the quarter mile path loop (around three and a half miles, the route I took) then did two laps hard, one lap recovery, three times. I was thinking I could manage four but I was seriously done after the third interval  so I did my recovery lap and then ran back home. Or rather, I ran to Tooting Bec tube (where I hit 8 miles total) and then walked the remaining three quarters of a mile home to give heart and lungs time to recover.
    I don't do a lot of speed work so I guess this is something I can get better at, but damn it was knackering! Hammy was a bit grumpy from the intervals but not severe. I'll either do a slow run tomorrow or rest, depending on how I feel.
  • Great speed work Hamo Cal,
    That sounds really bad TR. Hope she recovers soon & you dodge the bullet yourself.
    Speaking of injuries, my foot is still not good. It appears the left arch has collapsed causing me to over pronate, placing extra stress on the ankle ligaments. Anyone had any experience of this? If so what rehab worked? 
    New chap was unable to diagnose anything with any certainty other than it's not a muscle tear. 
  • Arch collapse can happen if the post tib is weak or damaged, so I'd get to work strengthening that.
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    TR: so sorry to hear about your covid problems for your wife. It sounds very unpleasant. I hope she begins to pick up soon and you guys can get back to some sort of normality
    Jools: sorry to hear about the foot - sounds like good advice from Cal
    Cal: nice bit of speedwork - good to hear the hammy is not too bad
    Hamo: busy weekend by the sounds of it. Climbing all the 7's sounds like a great experience! Nice LT session
    Millsy: ARC50 should be fun in the middle of winter! I was on the 100 waitlist last year but chickened out when the place became available! Good luck with the work situation - hope it turns out well.
    John: Lakeland 145 sounds like a good challenge although not sure I'd manage it and the CROC100 as well.
    SQ: good to see you again and glad things are improving Alwats tough after time off but its remarkable how quickly it comes back again
    Macca: proper sickener seeing that Saturday was absolutely perfect weather for the SDW100. You'll clock up some serious mile with CROC100 & LL145 - good luck with those
    So I went off the rails a bit last week after the SDW100 was cancelled and we knew lockdown v2.0 was coming.
    Basically ate and drank everything in sight like I would have done after the race except I didn't burn 10k+ calories on a race. My 6 month teetotal streak came to a blistering end! Which led to an impressive 10lb weight increase!
    I think the pinnacle was the US election night where I had a solo takeaway of 2xpizzas and a kebab on chips with 4 or 5 beers!
    I didn't run all week and work got very busy and stressful again with the new lockdown.
    Anyway back on it slowly and painfully this week - its amazing what a bit of weight increase does and how stiff you get with no running for a week!
  • Cheers Cal. That was my self diagnosis too. I’d already suspected PTD however I don’t have any of the correct pain indicators (my pain is on the outside of the leg & ankle) however the collapsed arch would suggest it is that.
    Fair enough AWC. You seem to bounce back remarkably quickly so doubt you’ll be sluggish for long. I can lose 10 lbs in a single run - though it comes back pretty swiftly once I rehydrate 🤣
  • Millsy I like the sounds of the Hoka Rincons. Might have a look into them.

    Hamo what a great challenge to do with your girls. Very impressed you could be arsed with a 10 miler after that! But a big Chinese meal is a good motivator.

    Macca I will look forward to seeing how you get those miles in. No doubt there will be some epicness involved.

    Hope everyone is ok, TR, including you. Sounds like you are taking good care of the family.

    A double prison run is certainly new to me, Cal. Keeping it fresh!

    Sorry to hear that, Jools, although ideal to tap into some easily available physio. The (P)Rehab Guys on facebook have some good videos on this kind of thing.

    AWC that is a very impressive PB! Enjoy the time off and then enjoy getting back into it. Agreed that the extra weight makes running harder, but no need to worry about pace at the moment.

    Have now run my first set of consecutive days – still capping things at 30 minutes. Felt good today and probably averaged about 7:45 pace, albeit for nearly marathon pace HR! Will do super easy 30 minutes tomorrow. Great to be back out, although 30 minutes max actually feels quite limiting – you can’t get very far or see much of a variety. Still, mustn’t grumble…

    90 minutes on the bike before parents' eve, so a good day's exercise. Feel full of endorphins  :)
  • AWC, can't say I blame you but that's quite the impressive weight gain. I expect a good amount of that will be sodium and water so hopefully you'll shift it quickly.
    SQ, it's a good start. I must admit I prefer to run a bit further so I can see more, but no point pushing it at this point.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Cal - sounds to me like you could well have had CV.

    Jools - you probably need to see a proper fizz now ?

    AWC - i did feel for you on the race cancellations. Good that you are back to it.

    SQ - nice to see you, good news on the progress so far.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    edited November 2020
    No surprise that my test result came back positive, i had a slight runny nose overnight, which gave me a tickly throat, but a nice low resting heart rate on waking. I would certainly carry on as normal ordinarily. SPO made it to the bathroom under her own steam today.

    One week of no running complete, im allowed out next Friday. I only did a bit of s and c yday, and will probably only do the same today. Very much depends if the truck that hit the spo is still on its way or not, but probably wise to sack GW off now, as it might not even happen, might blow and gale, and at best is compromised.

    I did 60mins on the turbo before my lad told me his positive result on Tues, and then had my test, so was positive when turboing early in week. Ordinarily id just think i had a minor cold and would carry on. I guess i just play it by feel?
  • TR fingers crossed you and your lad have a very mild version and recovery with the SPO continues.  I can’t give any qualified advice but I think I would just tick over on the turbo guided by feel, certainly no rinsing.  Given all the talk of post virtual fatigue, bining GW is probably a good idea.  Do you have an idea where 

    Jools - sorry to read of the injury, I’d echo TRs comment on a fizz. Expensive but if you see one that knows their beans, worth every penny imho.

    Cal - sounds like a good session of speedwork.  Unfortunately, as speedwork improves, I push harder so the level of discomfort never decreases so it remains a love/hate relationship.

    AWC - that’s an impressive election night dinner.  Anything else pencilled in (as much as we can in the current climate) ? I’ve entered a mid Dec 6hr challenge and CtoC in Jan, just have to see how things go.

    SQ - great to read some good news so keep it coming.  You’re at the bottom of a huge improvement curve so hopefully lots of steady progress to be made.

    Hamo - nice session, I’m estimating not far off 6m @ LT in total, great stuff given you’ve not trained LT for a while.

    I ran a 3x 1m session yesterday.  Effort level felt good but amongst many limiting factors, my legs dont feel like they know how to turn over any quicker.  Maybe some 800s or less required, all good (uncomfortable) fun though.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Macca - cheers. Where she caught it ? She is the local school lollipop (she has a couple of part time jobs, did the lollipop as a favour for the mums from a few yrs ago as they didnt have one, but likes it so carried on) and kept saying how the parents wont respect distancing etc.....or my lad caught it at uni......who knows
  • TR - not sure how I chopped the question off but yes, that was it.  I’m fairly sure my only/main exposure risk is the school drop off and pick up, varying levels of SD on display every day.
  • JohnOzJohnOz ✭✭✭
    TR - all the best for a full recovery, sounds like you’re taking a sensible approach to getting through it. Turbo may be a good option to slowly build back up. 

    Jools - sorry to hear about your injury. Thought you’d be OK with all your years of packing in the racing. Hope you find out what it is and can get it treated. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Macca - agreed, but she is there 2 hrs a day.

    I did 20min s and c and was ok. If my RHR is low tomorrow,,ill get on the turbo with my HRM on. I was doing steady intervals at weekend when i was probably infectious, only had slight chest/rib ache, but thought that was from being back to leaning on the bars after a frw years off.

    Ive asked to defer my GW place.
  • TR, I hope it doesn't get worse for you and that you're one of the lucky asympomatic people. All the best to your family.

    Macca, good work there - I have the same thing with my legs at the moment. I have to balance doing the speed stuff I need with trying not to anger my hamstring. Ho hum.

    Had a bad night last night...well it started well enough - slept like a log until 3am and then woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. I figured if I ate something then I could still have time to digest it and go out when it got light, but once it was light I was hungry again so had another breakfast and had to wait another four hours for that to digest. So I ended up going out for a rare lunch run. Just did a recovery 6 miles - legs felt heavy - but it was a nice day so it was quite enjoyable in the end.
  • TR...No surprise on the positive test as you say. Sensible to be wearing the heart rate monitor and not overdoing it, as well as postponing Goodwood. There will be plenty of more races, you just want to make sure you recover 100%. Glad to hear your wife is at least improving a bit, hope that continues, i really feel for her, sounds like she has had an awful hit off it, which is sobering too as it is not all just mild cases. 

    Cal...Nice speedwork, the fact you where knackered at the end of it is a good sign you ran it right :lol: Different beast altogether that short sharp speedwork. Nice lunch running :lol: 

    Jools...never had experience of anything like that, doesn't sound fun, but hope you recover quickly. Take you time and strengthen it well.

    AWC...We all deserve a bit of "off the rails" time, excellent weight gain, very impressive, i can appreciate things like that :lol: It'll not be long til it's off and you are in full flight again, as Jools says, doesn't take you long to bounce back.

    SQ...Good to see you back to consecutive days, and still getting your endorphins from the bike. Be no time until you are exploring around you again, just keep it sensible.

    Macca...Yea, it was about 5.5 miles all in of LT which was a bit of a shock to the system. Nice mile reps, takes a while for the legs to remember about turning over quicker after a block of marathon work. Uncomfortable fun is a nice description of it. Agree with both you and TR, social distancing is hard to spot at our school gates at times too.

    Double recoveries (6&4) yesterday set me up for a speed work session this morning. 8 mile all in, with 2 sets of 5x 300 metres off a 300 jog. Brutal, give me LT work over lung busting any day of the week :lol: Still, pleased that the reps averaged 4.24 min miling, with a range of 4.17-4.31.


  • TRTR ✭✭✭
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    Blimey cal, i can have a bowl of porridge and go straight out door for 20m, if needs must.

    Hamo - nice, a bit of variation s a good thing.

    RHR was low again, so 60 mins turbo with HR nicely in 120s for a steady effort, id have had to worl hard to get HR up, so i guess thats a good sign.

    Deferred my GW place, should be nice weather now on Dec 6th.

    SPO is moving about under her own steam, and had a bowl of porridge today, and then even felt hungry later so had a banana.

    I updated the track and trace yday following my result, and it told me im allowed out from Thursday instead of Friday, woo hoo !
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    AWC - I thought I was good at a blow out but 10lbs is impressive, sounds like fun.

    Jools / TR, take it easy with the setbacks, don`t want to ruin all the hard work put in this year.

    Macca, I haven`t done much proper speedwork for a while so get what you mean. I did a tempo session this week that came out only slightly faster than PB marathon pace.

    Impressive session Hammo

    I`ve just been ticking over and building up the mileage. Trying to do as much as I can without being to fatigued for the 100 mile week challenge. I ordered another pair of Wildhorse 6 in the Nike 25% offer as these were excellent at the Stort 30.
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