P&D Spring Marathon 2020



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    TR - bad luck with your groin, no point pushing it now if rest can sort out your niggles. Hope you can get to a physio soon. 

    SQ - good to see your mileage rising, small wins each week help keep the motivation. You’re right I did say no more marathons, only decided to run this a couple of days before when I found out about it. Kept it to a steady pace rather than racing it, felt good to finish it in 3:13 though. 

    Millsy - making good progress towards 100 miles and well done on your training marathon. Another one this weekend?

    Jools - good to hear you’re on the mend as well. 

    More easy running this week with a bit more intensity this morning. 2x5k tempo in 21:18 and 21:05 or around 3 hour pace, felt pretty good although HR says otherwise, getting up to 180 by the end. Good news is we can travel interstate again as borders have reopened. Flight prices have unsurprisingly gone through the roof though. 
  • John - Nice session there.
    Millsy - Big weekend there.
    Hamo - Nice speedy 1k reps.
    Jools - Big elevation on that run.
    Cal - That's a hilly half!

    Did 6*4 mins at LT/HM pace on Tuesday, efforts came out at 6:20/25/18/19/14/14 off 60 seconds rest. Felt good for 10 miles in total with warm up and cool down.
    Easy 4 miles today.
  • Hamo – yes, lovely to see spoons. I think things are a little better with his hamstrings, but not massively so. 30M/week and ticking over nicely. It was great to catch up. Especially as he was sporting a very fine mo’. Impressive k reps. And thanks for the fast running link – they produce some good stuff.

    Don’t rush it, TR. Niggles aplenty are usually a sign to chill out a bit – as frustrating as we all find that.


    Standard Monday bike thrashing before 5M recovery on Tuesday. 8:50 pace for 128 HR average. I reckon ‘usual’ fitness HR is around 120 for this pace, so getting there. Had a good dance off with another runner when we rounded a corner towards each other. He then took it to another level by grabbing me by the shoulders. I genuinely wish some music had been playing.

    Will attempt some P&L style 12s hill sprints then 100m strides later this afternoon.

  • TR, ouch....having a rather testy groin myself, I'm always worried about slipping. Groin pain is no fun at all, so take it easy.

    hamo, you'd think but I felt like poop this morning. Wednesday is usually a run day for me, and usually a medium long at that...but I just don't feel good today. I couldn't get myself motivated this morning and it took me until after 11 to go shopping (which I had to do as I had no fruit or veg left). I did have another dodgy night with me waking up multiple times, so I suspect that may be behind it. I guess my hamstring won't mind the extra rest, but I'm also mindful of the fact that I need to be cranking out 43 miles a week to make my 2000 mile target.
    I have, however, entered the Olympic Park half marathon in four week's time. I'm not in race shape but I can't pass up the chance to do a half.
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    Hamo - 8 x 1k is a tasty session. The inside running folks were saying 30 in the mens race and 30 in the ladies race at Kew, so small fields.

    John - great news on the easing of restrictions.

    SQ - that HR shows good progress, you must be healing up nicely if you are doing strides. Good news.

    Cal - good idea on the 1/2, gives you a benchmark and will inspire you to crack on.

    60 min turbo done, looking fwd to turning the wick up on there next week. Running day tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. I'll be happy if i can get up to 5 running days a week going fwd,  i was managing the issues pretty well for a few years, but a change is required nowadays esp as im getting older i suppose. Time will tell.
  • Hamo - very tasty k reps.  I’ve wondered around Kew a few times and never imagined it as a marathon venue.

    John - nice touch on the marathon.  A good measure of your endurance that you could knock out a decent time at short notice.

    SQ - I’m sure the “Strictly” audition would have elevated your HR - great to see continued progress.  I’d expect a similar HR for that effort (120) and I thought I was an outlier.

    Steve - strong looking reps and pace moving in the right direction.

    Cal - well done for getting something in the diary.  With the cold and dark on top of everything else it’s harder than usual to get out, hope you feel better today.

    TR - you were knocking out sessions I marvelled at only a matter of weeks ago so I’m not buying the ageing thing 😀. I understand the managing aches and creaks but you are bouncing back from a virus that can floor people or worse.

    Jools - great work on the SWCP post not Parkrun.  

    Millsy - good progress on the C100 I see. I think I recall you saying it would be a different proposition this time of year to May, 4 days in I couldn’t agree more.

    I’m up-to 51 miles for the C100.  Work demands, darkness and no bank holiday have contrived to make this a different challenge to last May but in its own way that’s a good thing.  I’m hoping a decent LR tomorrow will take me there give or take 10-15 miles to knock off at the weekend.
  • John...Good news that your restrictions are loosening. Nice 2x 5k's, that is a good work out.

    Steve...Very good LT splits there, speedy and consistent.

    SQ...I properly lol'd at the image of you and your new runner "friend" dancing at each other, odd that he took it further with the hands on shoulders though, you must have looked to good to resist :lol: Your HR is trending in the right direction for sure, hope the strides went well.

    Cal...It mightn't seem like it, but an extra rest day when you aren't feeling up to it will do you no harm, the opposite in fact, so don't be overthinking and beating yourself up about it. Fair play entering the half, why not? what have you to lose, I'm jealous :lol: 

    TR...30 for each field is small alright, hope it is live streamed at the very least. Nice turbo work, hopefully dropping running to 5 days a week will help keep the niggles in check, though i agree with Macca and his assessment of your previous session versus you aging comments :wink:  :lol: 

    Macca...Half way there, good work. I would imagine it is a completely different beast to May all right with the weather, darkness etc, fair play to you and Millsy smashing it.

    7 recovery miles this morning, will double today with another 4 after work. I noticed this morning that i ticked over 4000 miles for the year yesterday, shows you what no racing and tapering can do for a yearly mileage.
  • I am actually not feeling good today - slept OK but still feel like I have no energy. HR is rather low so I don't think I'm sick - probably just over-tired. Hopefully I'll have some more pep tomorrow.
    4000 is incredible! Not sure I'm going to make 2000 going by this week, but I'll see how it goes.
  • SQ - Good progress on the HR/pace.
    TR - Nice turbo session.
    Cal - Could it be iron related? I know that low iron feels like no energy.

    8 miles today with 3 at MP (7:01/6:52/6:38) too fast on the last mile, but nice to finish strong.
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    Macca - cheers, i hope you're right. I guess im not in my happy place and running with discomfort is mentally draining....."i wonder how much ill get done today".....following on from ypur comments, the SPO has been saying how much her usual niggles and a whole load of new ones hurt, but she was obviously prerty poorly....im jealous of the 100m week.

    Hamo - well done on the 4000, my 3660  target has fallen away, but missing Goodwood is more of a disapoinment. My focus now is getting as ready as possible for 13 weeks to Dorney starting 2nd jan.

    Cal - see how you feel tomorrow.

    Squeeked the run home up to 10m today, the usual aches were more prominent than the new ones. 10m feels like a bit of a landmark, will review where i n in a week from now.
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    Turbo day, 10min wu, 10 x 4min steady effort with 1min easier in between. Will start winding it up a bit on there now as no breathing or HR issues today.
  • Cal...Hope you are feeling a bit better, and more like yourself today.

    Steve...Lovely MP miles, and as you say nice to finish fast and strong.

    TR...Yea, it must be disappointing but try and put that annoyance to good use and use it as a motivation for Dorney. Sensible to build up to the new 13 week block in January, it will be a good way to start the year. Nice 10 miler, it is a bit of a landmark alright. Nice tubo work, and a very good sign there is no breathing or HR issues to worry about.

    I've been toying with the idea of running a few of the MLR's in the next block (whenever it'll be) at MP to get more MP miles in the legs in the build up, so decided to try one out today to see how it would go. 11 and a bit miles at a 5.45 average this morning, and felt ok, so a good indicator.
  • Saw your run on Strava, hamo - wow.
    TR, that's good you're feeling much better.

    I did feel a bit better this morning - still not 100% but definitely more energetic. I think I must've had something as I've had a slight tickle and gravelly voice in the morning. Still not sure what or how...I'm wondering now if the mystery virus I had in March was actually Covid and what I've been experiencing since are mini-relapses. I'm just guessing, though, as I've not had any of the proper Covid symptoms (cough, loss of smell, temperature) but it is a weird illness.

    Anyway, I got myself out despite the fact it was 2 degrees and misty, so not terribly inviting, and actually had a nice run. Explored some backstreets between Tooting and Mitcham and ended up doing 10 miles. Don't feel any worse for it, so hopefully I can run tomorrow and Sunday and I won't be too far behind on my mileage.
  • I've not done any speed work this week, what with the extra rest day and generally feeling a bit crap, so I thought I'd try a bit today. Given how I've felt this week and the fact my groin's been a bit twingey since yesterday (I put that down more to sitting on my bum for two days, rather than the run I did) I wasn't going to attempt a 5K effort. Instead I did four miles easy and three (.11) miles at tempo. I was aiming for HMP but the first two of the tempo miles were between HMP and MP and then the last one was slightly faster than HMP, although it felt more like 10K pace. I've the Olympic Park half in three weeks...somehow I don't think a PB is on the table for that one.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Hamo - some mp in the mlrs is doable, just dont do it too often. I think that why P and D like their +10%, as its enough to stimulate but not annihilate esp when theres LT runs etc

    Cal - that 1/2 will give you a good benchmark though.

    I squeeked out 14m today, was pretty achey by the end, and it seemed a long way. But its progress from a week ago.
  • Snap, TR - 14 for me today and my legs ached like I'd done 20 miles.

    Most of the run was along the Thames. I ran down to Battersea Park, along to Putney and then, for a change, over Putney Bridge and back along the north side. You can't hug the river all the way on the north - you have to divert around Hurlingham Park and then there's a bit around Chelsea docks where you have to go around the old Lotts Road power station. I actually took the wrong road here and ended up on the King's Road but I found my way back south again.
    Pace was pretty slow and the legs felt quite fatigued for the second half. I guess that shouldn't be a surprise after the 10 on Friday and the fast finishing 7 yesterday. I can't help thinking that I've lost a lot of fitness (speed and endurance) since the summer, though. I should probably lay off the mince pies and ice cream for a week or two.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Cal - well done,,hopefully our legs will soon adapt. I hope to do 16 next weekend.

    Hopefully theres been a few centuries notched up.

    Turbo intervals today.
  • Interesting to hear about you HR, Macca. I’d be intrigued to know what is more common amongst those of roughly our pace (obviously using ‘our pace’ as a pretty loose term these days 😆). Have loved seeing the Strava updates or you smashing the CROC and by the looks of it having a great time doing so. It isn’t overdoing it to say you are legend. 
    You look in good nick, Steve. What marathon time goal have you for 2021?
    Sorry to hear the running aches and pains are strong, TR. they don’t matter as much as enjoying it though. Knock it on the head for the week to get the love back. 
    I can’t really comment on your MLR MP idea, hamo as you are so far ahead of me. But I would word caution based upon the experiences of Tom a few years ago. That said, you are far better at doing recovery runs at a suitable effort. 
    Pleased you’re feeling better, Cal. I wouldn’t correlate no COVID symptoms with not having it. sounds a good long run and fantastic to have a race booked in. 

    Three running days in a row: 8.5, 5, 8.3.
    Friday was with the buggy whilst WFH. A frosty longest run yet. Definitely got that endorphin hit from being out there for longer. About 9m/m.
    ‘Session’ Saturday: planned 5 x 3 mins, but rapidly reassessed and did 3. About a 3 min jog in between. Paces went 6:29, 24, 19. Nice to see some 6s in the clock but man did my HR show it. Still, good to do a session. Realised that I definitely need to do some short hill sprints - didn’t manage them let week. It feels like my neuromuscular system isn’t quite there, and certainly not from a range of movement perspective. 
    Felt stiff and clunky this morn but did a very welcome return to the buggy classic extension loop. 8.3 at 8:45 pace. HR in about the right place. loved it. A good loop with the buggy as so much of it is on very quiet rural road - no pavements, bumps or other hindrances for the chariot. 
    So a pleasing 33M and 2 hard bikes. Enjoyable to make some tangible progress. 
    Had a look (on Fetch) at my annual mileage. 280 required for the 2500 I set myself as a goal back in Jan. That definitely won’t happen, but better than I thought given the stress fracture. I set it lower than previous years given the arrival of the second little Tasmanian devil. But the buggy running that resumed at the beginning of the the first lockdown was a game changer. 

  • Nicely done on the 14 milers.
    Great progress SQ. Great to see the long buggy runs back & 3x3min is a decent return to sessions. Encouraging that the pace improved throughout.
    Hamo: I’d echo SQ & TR in advising caution doing too many MP MLRs. Better to do some shorter blocks of HMP: 6x2K building to 4x5K with 1K floats at MP+10% Seem to remember you doing a brutal multiple 5K session some time ago.
    Big weekend for me.
    (Not)parkrun on my local hilly course yesterday in 21:12 as part of a solo 10K. Then joined a mate for 11 hilly, muddy, foggy miles at super easy pace/effort: HR of 123. 
    Today I did a multi-terrain hilly 30K at easy effort to bring up the ton. That’s almost 96 miles in 6 days as Monday was just a flat 5 mile to recover from last Sunday’s SW coast path 24 miler. Biggest week of 2020 & puts me back in contention for 3660.😎

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    SQ - thats another good mixed week, a well managed rehab. My main issues dont go away with not running. Im getting into the turbo though, so can build fitness.

    Jools - cracking work, good to bring up the ton and be in sight of the 3660.
  • Cal - well done on the 14, on top of
    some speedwork and a few miles in the legs.

    Good progress TR - a few weeks off and 10+ miles feels a long way, hope
    you can manage the ongoing niggles.

    Hamo - I saw that run on Strava and thought it was a race !  

    SQ - buggy runs, runs with spoons, just need a cure for COVID and all will be right with the world. Feel more fortunate than a legend but sentiment much appreciated.  For me, 115-120 very easy say 8-8:30 pace,  MP around 150, max 164 - age adjustment probably required but I’ve always felt all my numbers were relatively low (resting circa 54).

    Jools - nice casual 100, sounds Sandy and hilly too.

    Steve  - agreed, good to finish the mp
    strongly , my ego says you can’t finish too fast, great run.

    I finished the 💯 on Friday with a lumpy 32 miles which also ticked off a virtual 50km 6k ft min climb in the bargain.  It was mainly lunch 15m and evening 5 or 6s which were the hardest bit, especially Thursday night in the freezing fog but I knew these would chip away at the overall total.  Sat and Sun brought up 120 for
    the week and leaves an average of under 9 miles per day for 4000 for the year.  Only blemish was an abductor twinge which hopefully will respond well to a few days easy.

  • Cal...Nice 5k tempo, that is a good session to get you going quicker without totally rinsing yourself. Backed up well with a 14 miler, nice work. 

    TR...Yea, i'm not planning on doing all my MLR's at MP, but just to add in a few every now and then to get more used to the goal pace. But it's just a thought at the minute, not sure if i'll go for it in a block and i'm just using this downtime to try new things and see how i cope/feel. Fair point re the +10s and LT etc, noted. Nice 14 miler, good distance to get you back into it, long but not mega. Good turbo work too, good you have something like that, that you enjoy which will help the fitness too.

    SQ...The caution advice is noted, and appreciated. As i said to TR, it won't be every MLR that i run at MP, and it's just a thought that i am trying out at the minute as i have no races etc to aim for, so have a bit of flexibility to try new things and see how it goes if that makes sense. Excellent news on the 3, decent distanced, running days in a row, great to see. Saturdays session was nippy too, feel nice to be moving fast again? Looks to be a big year from you all things considered.

    Jools...Heard, thank you. Yea i might look at a few MP intervals as well (like the 5x5k one i tried in the summer), as i said above, i'm just enjoying trying new things out and seeing how i go. My rough idea for any MP MLR weeks would be a very easy (7.30-8.00 min miling) LR at the end of the week, not my usual +10/20% long runs, so as not to overdo it all. Big weekend, and week in fairness, is right...serious mileage hitting the ton casually. Nice work as ever at the (not) parkrun.

    Macca...Well done on finishing your 100 mile week, and 2 days early too, class. Love how one mad virtual challenge, just casually leads into another one for you :lol: 6k of climbing is some going, brilliant work for both. Hope the twinge sorts itself out with a few easier days.

    10 miles finishing with 6x 12 secs hills and 8x100 strides on Saturday, was followed up by a 20 mile long run on Sunday morning to bring me to 81 for the week.

    6 and 4 recovery miles today will start me off for this week.
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    Blimey macca, you have some steely legs. Cracking stuff, 32m, climbs, on track for the 4000.

    Hamo - im sure you'll work it out, you know your body and bounce back quickly from races and efforts. Are you doing a spring mara ? Wrexham is being floated again in April?

    I had a better run in this morning, 10m with less discomfort which resulted in quite a few 7:3X miles which is rapido for me during a standard easy run. Legs ached a bit by the end, but they are being reintroduced to the roads.

    Paltry 101m for November, the 3660 is gone but i only need LT 250 for the 3500, although run frequency and fitness is the main aim now.
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    Nicely done Macca, great way to finish off and then some. Loved the Fly 5k thrown in for good measure! And wow 4000 miles is huge especially as it seems like you’ve been low key all year racing wise. 

    Millsy - made it seem easy in the end, newly executed 100 mile week. I’m sure if you wanted to do it regularly you’d have the endurance background to cope well. 

    Cal - sorry to hear your body is still not cooperating. Impressed how you still bang out the miles and it if you can still get out when you’re feeling average it must all come round soon. 

    Joel’s - great work getting back on track. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised at your ability to bang in some big weeks once the injury was behind you. 3660m would be a great achievement. 

    SQ - nice ramp up and a bit of speed for good measure. The buggy runs will get you ready for bigger weeks in the new year. 

    Hamo - if you’re looking for MP workouts then the MTC group down here have a tried and tested build up. I think it goes something like 7x2k, 4x3k, 3x5k, etc all the way up to something like 4x6k. As others have said you need to watch your body as these are super hard to do week in week out. 

    TR - promising green shoots. Am sure you know your body well so continuing to build back up to the end of the year sounds like the right plan. 

    Steve - you’re Mr consistency on this forum. I don’t think I can recall you ever having had any injury issues unlike everyone else at one time or other. Just need some races to cash in on your fitness!

    Been trying out a few 5k workouts on the treadmill as it’s the only way to push myself for the higher intensity stuff. They don’t feel as hard as outdoors but seem a good way to get the legs moving quickly again. There’s a track 5k next week that I might even have a crack at. Never done a track race though so not sure what pace to go out at. Would be good to try something new though. 
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Hammo, I remember Steve Way used to do a bit of MP in his MLRs. Not sure if his old blog is still going but he may have discussed it on a Marathon Talk podcast. I know I`d struggle with it as I usually do my speedwork on the day before.
    Jools, even with your recent setback, that`s amazing mileage with plenty of elevation as well.
    TR, hope the niggles start to improve, sounds like things are going in the right direction.
    SQ, sounds like good progress being made.

    I managed to bag my 100 with a decent flourish at the weekend. My average pace had started to slip over Thursday & Friday but felt surprisingly good by Saturday with a 14 & 3 double. This left 20 to wrap things up on Sunday. Picked some very flat loops, used my car as an aid station and put on the Hoka Rincons for a boost. Averaged just over 7:30 per mile which was about 90 secs faster than the rest of the week. Probably the psychological boost of knowing it`s the final run helped. Going to have a couple of cut back weeks before moving onto my final block of ARC50 training. 

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    TR...Seen Wrexham, I have Galway marathon still booked that had been rearranged from this year to May, and the rearranged Belfast Half on May Day as well. So i'm not sure what to target, or which has the best likelihood of being on. I'll have a good think after Christmas and decide then. Glad you had a better run with the 10 miler, quick too, it won't take your legs long to get re-accustomed to the roads.

    John...They look like good MP sessions, cheers, i'll maybe try a few of them alright. Nice treadmill 5k workouts, they'll pay dividends on the track next week. Track is a different beast than the roads altogether, which i found out this year, no where to hide. But yea, good to try something new is right.

    Macca... Congrats on the 100 miler, and what a way to finish, a speedy 20 miler, class. 

    10 mile GA this morning for me.
  • Great series of runs there, hamo...yeah I have a lot of clashing races myself now. It's rather annoying.

    Congrats, Macca - fantastic! I'd say you've earned those easier days now.

    Excellent job, Millsy!

    John, may as well go for it eh? Track races are pretty monotonous but not bad if you're actually getting to race people. Problem I've had with mine is that I'm always the slowest so I end up running on my own, so I've actually had faster parkruns than track 5Ks.

    TR, I'm still chasing 2000 - should be able to make it if I don't break myself. Sure you'll manage your target.

    Hill repeats were on my menu today - I did have some doubts about how recovered I'd be after Sunday but I needn't have worried.
    I ran up to Hill Path in Streatham, which is long and nasty - starts off not too badly but then gets really steep in the middle (Strava reckons 17% at the steepest part), then goes around a bend and while the next bit isn't nearly as steep, it hurts if you keep pushing. Breathing was what I now term "lumberjack porn" as it sounds like someone sawing through a log interspersed by loud gasps.
    I did five reps - first at an easier pace and then pushed on the next four. The fourth rep was the fastest, probably because there was a large dog on one side of the fence that ran alongside me and barked loudly until I was out of range (fortunately he wasn't there for the last rep - owner probably called him back in). That rep actually got me into the top 10 fastest female times. Reclaimed my Local Legend status on there too, after a clubmate nicked it last week. He'll probably try to get it back now and we'll end up in some hellish eternal battle. :D

    After I was done with that I made my way back, and did a few faster bits on the way home but took the last mile easy. It was, overall, a very enjoyable run - rather cold but sunny. Glad I wore gloves but equally glad I didn't bother with a hat.

    I could definitely feel the upper hammy after the reps but it's fine now so I'm pretty content that I've not done anything to anger it too much.

  • Sounds like an excellent run Cal.
    Cracking finish to your Century Millsy. Mine was the opposite - my 11M Saturday was high 10's average pace & Sunday's 30K was mid 9's
    Double days are here to stay: 5.2 & 6.6 yesterday to bring up 270 for November & 3300 for the year to date. Leaves me 360 for December which will make it my biggest month of 2020. My biggest ever was March 2018: 375.
    Got stuck in with an easy 10K commute & I'll be running back too. May extend it as no lunchtime run with the kids due to most of KS3 in quarantine due to a couple of CoViD cases. Shame as it's beautiful out today but no need for triples.

  • Blimey - that is a massive week, Jools. Finishing the year with a real bang. 

    Interesting to read about your HR for different effort levels, Macca. Mine were about the same, albeit off a lower resting HR. Struggle to get it up, so to speak, for very fast efforts. Less on a problem last couple of weeks! Hope the abductor is ok. 

    Hamo - I was inspired by your hills and strides! Tidy end to the week for you. 

    John - is that Melbourne Track Club? Sounds a good progression. Definitely get yourself down to the track race if you can. On the basis of the one I did, it was absolutely brilliant. Great atmosphere, super racing surface - all so positive/mega smashfest. PB guaranteed!

    Wow - that is a great end to the century week, Millsy. Super stuff. 

    Nice hill reps, Cal. 

    Pretty tired yesterday, so took it easy on the bike with a 45 minute ‘primer’ session rather than the usual 1h - 1h15 thrashing. Followed up with a couple of sets of weights - squats, deads and some push presses.

    Excitingly, today was the first day of THE PLAN! P&L 30 - 40M 12 week 5k plan - somewhat different to the 70-85M half plan of last year 😆. But surprisingly, any given run looks quite long - from this vantage point at least.

    6M with 6 x 12s hill sprints and 6 x 100m (ish) strides. Slightly ungenerous 8:30 average pace on the gold old Apple Watch. I either need to get a new watch or stop moaning about it!

    This session int he past has always been about sharpening up and some dynamic flexibility in the week after a race. But today it felt surprisingly like a full blown session. Still, really enjoyed it. 

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    John - go for it, theres a training boost to be had as a minimum.

    Millsy - excellent, finished with a speedy 20m too. Nicely done.

    Hamo - you have a few options either way. I have had two 2020 races rolled over to 2022 already.

    Cal - hopefully you are on the up.

    Jools - great miles, keep ticking them off.

    SQ - i feel your plan excitement, good for you.

    10m run commute home, easier pace than yday. Turbo intervals tomorrow, will run back in Thursday. Getting there slowly.
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