Saucony Kinvaras

I'm a definite Saucony fan, I was thinking of getting a pair of Kinvaras as a pair of 10 mile and under light weight race shoes.

Anybody had a pair?


  • I run in Kinvaras. I've been running in them for several years now. It's mostly marathon training and running I use them for, also wore them for an ultra last year. I like them and have never had a single issue while wearing them, but I think the main thing to know is if you like the minimal cushioning. I much prefer that, but I can see it putting many people off particularly if they're used heavily cushioned shoes.
  • Kinvara are a good shoe for shorter runs and intervals, 5km and 10km races. Light weight, good running cadence/turnover. A more cushioned heavier shoe like the Nike Pegasus/Vomero, etc are more suitable for longer runs and easy runs. Light weight runners can use Kinvara for Half Marathon and Marathon races. Average and heavy runners are better suited in the more cushioned trainers for the longer races.
  • Santa bought me a fluorescent yellow pair! They feel light as a feather. They certainly look/feel the part but I haven't run in them yet. Will report when I try them.
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