Long tern calf pain

I'm looking for some advice, guidance or generally some positive experiences of somebody who has suffered from lingering calf pain.

I WAS a runner. I found running about 4 years ago and it had such a positive impact on my life from weigh loss to better mental health and all of the generally good things that I'm sure so many of you experience. Although I wasn't the quickest, I thoroughly enjoyed it and completed 2 half marathons and had several other events booked.

Back in April 2018 I was starting out on a planned 8 mile run and after about a mile in I tore my left calf. Despite plenty of rest and icing, I still continued to experience regular pain some months later. In August 2018 I started having physio therapy through my work provided health care. In October 2018, after receiving treatment on a weekly basis I was instructed to start running again but to go steady. 5 weeks into couch 2 5K, my calf went again so it was back to the physio.

I underwent more Physio between November and January where I was then ok'd to start running again. Again, 4 weeks into the couch to 5k my calf went again. My physio then recommended that I have an MRI on my calf to help find out what was going on.

My first MRI on the calf didn't show anything and it was then decided that an additional MRI on my spine was needed which again didn't return anything. My MRI consultant said that there was no structural damage and that running would cause any further damage as there wasn't any damage visible - he also recommended carrying on with physio therapy.

So I went back to Physio and started running again in September 2019 where I manged 3 runs a week and was starting to think that things were getting better. I then went for a run and the calf went again which was soul crushing.

Through all of this, I've experienced consistent pain in my calf (picture in post of where the pain is) and periods of numbness and a tingling sensation. I think there is nerve damage but I'm not sure if there is anything that can be done.

While getting back to running is my dream, I'd rather be living a pain free life. I've recently had a daughter and at the moment I want to be in a position where I can be as active as possible with her but even that seems like a long shot.

Can anybody help? Any recommendations would be great


    You've certainly been through the wars with that calf.   

    Maybe see a podiatrist and one that deals with runners, orthotics perhaps?   You don't mention about your running shoes, have you using low drop shoes?
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