Rib injury that won’t go away

Hi there, I have a bit of a weird reoccurring rib injury. I seem to pop the lower right ribs once or twice a year (due to an old hockey injury I think). It j initially puts me out for a few weeks, then somewhere between 2 and 4 weeks I run again as they gradually get better. They stay tender for 6 to 8 weeks max. 

This time was no different at first, I was back running after 3 weeks with usually  discomfort, but  ow at 10 weeks it is still niggling and when I press into them they are quite tender. 

I am not worried about the fact that it keeps happening (core work will improve that) but more so that 10 weeks is a fair amount of time now. 

Has anyone else had rib injuries take a long time to heal.


ps. My phsyio asked me to get a scan on it, however my doctor was reluctant to refer me


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