Wobbly knee!

Hi all
Really sorry for what is a fairly boring "another sore knee" problem but I've tried advice elsewhere and got nowhere so that is was worth a try here!

I had a patellofemoral reconstruction with ligament tether operation in my left knee about 6 years ago. This was supposed to fix a phenomenon where my knee joint would very quickly go completely numb and feel like the joint would collapse at any moment - and it frequently did!
Bear in mind at the time I was a fairly competitive rugby player (full back) and had super strong quads / calves and so forth. Years of physio did not fix it. Sadly - neither did the operation!
It doesn't dislocate any more thanks to the tether but it goes numb pretty quickly and feels like my kneecap is "bouncing around" (sorry gross I know) and horribly uncomfortable after a few minutes.
I have spoken to a couple of specialists, one says the groove at the bottom of my femur isn't great and that wont help. Another says I've knackered the underlying tendons so when the knee muscles get tired then my knee doesn't want to hold itself together and that's why I'm experiencing the numbness and bouncing and I should just take up cycling.
I'd given up to be honest, but have read a lot lately about the interaction of hips and glutes and hamstrings and am wondering if there might be something in it or of there is any reasonable way forward. Or maybe I've just got a rubbish knee and that is that!
Does anyone have any experience / insights / recommendations?

Many thanks all
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