Motion Control

Has the terminology changed?
I have always used Motion Control shoes but recently many manufacturers don't appear to use this description. 
Does Stability mean the same as Motion Control?


    Ian - they seem to classify the shoes as either Neutral or Support/Stability now.   The Support/Stability group can be for mild over pronators to those that need a lot of support so you'll maybe need to do a bit of research. 
  • Many thanks Shades.
    I do wish the manufacturers would make their ranges clearer.
    I tend to be a bit of a running lump so have usually purchased Brooks Beasts but I find it very unclear where their other shoes start and finish ref the requirements of the runner.
    Ian - have a look at the shoe review website

    Put in Brooks Beast and at the foot of the page of the shoe review it should come up with other shoes that are of a similar type.   You can read the reviews on those and maybe come up with some options that might suit you.
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