Harder not longer half marathon training

I usually run 10km's but half signed up for a half marathon, however due to running with my dog I am struggling to up my milage so instead I'm doing harder runs, so instead of doing longer mileage I'm going for runs on the sand dunes or over fells. I hope that when i get on the road for my half it will be easier so i won't die :) is it a mad idea ?


  • Hi tyke14 - The purpose of increasing the mileage is to build up your endurance. A similar approach to yours would be to decide to run faster for shorter periods of time in the hope that it would then make it easier to run slower for longer periods of time. Either way wouldn't increase the endurance part as it's basically down to time on feet.

    What you may find with your approach is that you're able to run well for the first part, but then struggle at the latter part of the HM as your body starts to complain about the distance you're now getting it to do when it's not done it before.
  • HA77HA77 ✭✭✭
    I think you recognise it's not the best approach, but I think you can get away with it for a half marathon. You would suffer really badly if you tried something similar for a marathon. I'd be trying to get in some longer runs but I think doing some faster stuff (e.g. tempos or fartlek) will certainly help.
  • I run with my dog sometimes but he's only young so doesn't do more than 5 miles max at the moment. If it was me, I'd take the dog for the first part of the run, then drop him off at home and go out for a few more miles (or the other way round, but my dog would want to start off  by doing lots of sniffing and wees, so that would interrupt the run a bit too much for my liking).
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