Any recommendations on exercises to strengthen knee And cardio - marathon end of year

The knees?
planning a half marathon later in the year but my right knee is giving me some real trouble. <div>
</div><div>Popping when straightening it, think it’s typical runners knee. Still doing that half though no matter what.

Any ideas on good cardio or any websites for exercises that have assisted you good folk?

I am on waiting list for physio again though... </div>


    I'm not sure you can strengthen knees by specific exercises, can you?  I've always been told to work mainly on the quads which protect the knees.   

    But I expect the most effective way is to work on glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves to make the legs as strong as possible.

    But if it's runner's knee you will need some time to allow the inflammation to clear up.   Maybe go to the gym and do what you can there that doesn't cause you any discomfort until you see the physio.   

    Or go private and pay for a prompt physio appointment.
  • Shades is absolutely right, general leg strength around the thigh and hip is really protective of knees. As a starting point, deadlifts, clams, reverse lunges, hip abductions are good.
    As well as strengthening, proprioceptive exercises (those requiring balance and control) are very helpful.
    For cardio, the rowing machine will strengthen you quads at the same time as maintaining range of motion, which is useful.
  • Hi folks thanks for the helpful advice.

    I have been diagnosed with patella tendinitis - frustrating! 
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