Recommendations for 1st marathon at 62 years of age

i have been running for 20 years and avoided a marathon for all that time. Always said I would do one, and only one, before it's too late and now need advice on which one to do.
as I'm notoriously a fair weather runner I'm much more inclined to an autumn marathon than a spring one and just wondered if anyone had any ideas. Also want it to be combined with travelling somewhere I haven't been before so anywhere in the world 


  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    Not run it but heard very good reports of Nice Cannes which is usually the first weekend in November. It's along the coast road (which they shut) and has 54meters of elevation. Alternatively, how about Tiberius? Round the Sea of Galilee, on the 1st January 2021. 
    Good for you finally going for the marathon.   Much better to aim for an autumn marathon as you can train in much better weather than if you'd chosen a spring race.

    I would recommend Florence, it's end of November but usually a comfortable 15 degrees so good marathon weather.   Beautiful city and lots to see while running.  Start/finish are central and you can stay in a hotel with a short stroll to the start and finish.

    Frankfurt is also a very good marathon, but when I did it in 2018 it was quite chilly.   But I'm going back this year as it's a great event, hotels close to start/finish  and the most amazing finish.  End of October.
  • thanks for the above - all sound lovely. Might give Florence a go as always wanted to go there so can kill two birds with one stone. 
    And the food is divine in Florence....and then there's the shopping :)
  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    If you'd rather do a UK one, I can recommend Chester and Yorkshire - both start in historic towns and then go out into the countryside. I think Yorkshire slightly has it on scenery and crowd support, but Chester has better goodies at the finish. There's really not much to choose between them.
  • Thanks everyone  - will consider all. Knowing me and my motivation a run in this country won't be enough because ther is really only the entrance fee to waste. Hence the marathon on foreign shores 😏  If I sign up, organise travel and accommodation as well as incorporating a holiday there is less chance of me chickening out. Well that's my theory and I'm sticking to it. So it may well be Florence as I have never been and who could resist shopping, Italian gelato and real pizza as a reward.  
    Still if my training goes to plan I might chuck in a cheeky half or full marathon in this country beforehand - living close to the lovely Yorkshire countryside makes it easier.
    Oh the pizza.  :)  First time I went to do Florence we went for pizza after the race.   It was so good that I didn't eat pizza again until I returned to Florence a year later, as I knew pizza back in the UK would just be a disappointment.
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