Legs hurt after long run

Hi everyone. I’ve not been on here for such a long time, I hope everyone is well! I’m training for my first marathon and after my long run last week, 13miles on Thursday, I now can’t run at all! Every time I try I just can’t, my legs really hurt to put pressure through them to run! I had a massage/used a roller etc but to no avail! Please help me! 
Thanks so much I’m advance!


  • Hi sparkler

    Sorry to hear you're having problems. It's hard to know what the problem is from your description. Where do you feel the pain in your legs? Are they sore when walking/on the stairs /all the time? Did they hurt during the run, or how long afterwards did the pain start?

    It would also be useful to know a bit more about how many runs and miles you do per week, how quickly you've been increasing your miles and how long you've been running for. 
  • Thanks for your reply. Both legs hurt when walking downstairs, fine to walk on normally though. They hurt right in my thighs at the front and in my calves/shins. They were fine when I was running and we’re pretty sore straight after, which settled down fairly quickly. I’ve been running for 20years, I tend to run 3 times a week now as I was finding I was getting injured more if I run more often and cross train 3 days per week (usually a spin session) The same thing happened when I tried to run a couple of days after my previous long run too!
  • It sounds more like delayed onset muscle soreness than anything else tbh, even though it wasn't delayed. Something along those lines anyway. Certain medications and electrolyte issues can make it more likely.

    Has it eased fairly well by now? Was 13 miles a bit of a jump in distance, or fairly standard for a long run for you?

    I can't currently think of many other things that would cause pain quite the way you describe it
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