New Running Shoes: *Questionnaire*:

Hi Runners,

I thought it could be interesting to put together a short questionnaire on how we manage our running shoes, when we replace & some of the related factors.

Running shoe companies have set out some guidelines for shoe replacement: Asics says about 450 to 550 miles. Brooks differentiates between their shoe models, suggesting that you can get 300-500 miles from their everyday pairs, or about 250-300 miles from their lightweight racers. A Saucony rep says about 300-500 miles, depending on your gait. Two of the big American running stores (Road Runner Sports , REI) write online that you can expect up to about 500 miles from a pair.

But what are people doing in the real world? I will report back with the data and statistics from this short will be fun!

So far, I've had mainly male respondents ---- be great to hear from some more women! 

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