Help! Sore shins

I'm running the Dublin marathon on Monday but over the past week I've been experiencing a lot of pain in my shins when I run. I;ve had shin splints before and it's not quite as bad but my step and pace are definitely affected. I won't be running any more between now and Monday but I'm terrified that my shins will hurt on the day and prevent me from running properly. Is there anything I can do?


  • Clare -as its an emergency... beg Pennsaid Topical solution off your doctor tomorrow morning - (it's a stronger form of Volterol) It took 3 days to numb my shins for FLM this year - I was really worried the night before becos they hurt so much in the hotel swimming pool - but on the day - they were numb!

    Also Ice / ultrasound / and I used magnets as well. You can get disposable plasters with mini magnets from Boots - which you place over each shin splint - worked for me I think they increase the circulation which helps shift the inflammation. But if you use them then you can't get the Pennsaid Topical solution on unless you transfer the magnets onto a fresh plaster each time

    PS I reversed the magnets as I'm convinced the polarity is the wrong way!

    Really Good Luck with the Marathon
    All the Best

  • Thanks a million - will definitely give the Pennsaid solution a try,
  • Hi Clare, I use a 200mg Ibrobruphen (Spelling!) 1 hour before I run when the shin pain is bad. By the time I start running the pain has gone and doesn't affect me for the next few hours. Nurofen seems to work for me. Good luck with the Marathon....
  • The only possible problem with taking Ibuprofen as an oral painkiller is it can upset the stomach - it does for me pretty instantaneously!

    Hope everything goes OK for you Clare - fingers crossed!
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