URGENT NEED OF HELP - 8 weeks to improve my cooper test results.

Hey Guys, I'm new to running and to this thread. I'm stumbled upon this thread :
Pretty much that same idea, I need to do special force's test, but my starting level is different and I don't know much about paces and programming in running.

Background :
Used to do competitives swimming and train 8x/week and 2x gym
Now doing Calisthenics and working my way through Front Lever and Planche

Stats :
- 76kg
- Did 2.92km in the Cooper Test (self-measured in treadmill) and was running about once a week or once every 2 weeks (inconsistent)
- Since a week I have been doing regularly 10km runs 3x week in about 50min going in a "very comfortable pain" and been having sore legs and ass because of my lack of leg training.

Goal :
You get 7 points between 2900-3099m, 8 points between 3100-3299m, and 9 points for above 3300m (not aiming the 10 points for this year but if I pass I will :3 )
I need to do more than 3300m if possible otherwise I will just stick to the 8 points which are easily doable.

I had planned to increase my milleage every week ending up running about 60-70km per week but after reading the thread I will try doing the same at my own target pace.

Workouts :
Atm i was doing 2x week push day (meaning a planche workout hitting mostly shoulder, biceps and chest)
4x week front lever (hitting heavily the back and my CNS thus maybe hindering my recovery)
Morning runs 3-4x week, 10km each.

Now I'm planning to do :
2-3x push day (need for the push up test and core)
Unsure about completely dropping my FL/ back work as for my current short term goal its useless but after these tests its my priority so idk

Monday 1600m warmup - 8x400 @ 1.27 with 1.45 break. 400m walk cooldown
Tuesday 6km slow
Wed. 1km warmup 4.5km 4:10 tempo - 500m walk
Thur: off or 6km slow
Friday:off or 6km slow
Sat: 5x800 at 2.54s with 2.30 min rest between.
Sunday: Chill swim / bike

I really hope someone can help me in this journey.


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