Could this training method work?

I think I'm a fairly fit 48 year old male, my cardio is pretty good from cycling and despite being 5'10" I'm a svelte 67kg. My issue is my knees, if I jog for more than about 7km I get serious pain on the inside of my knees (either knee). I think one of my issues has always been that my heart and lungs can run but my joints can't. So I'm thinking that instead of trying to run longer I should just try running less but more often. I began slow jogging just 1 mile each night and I'm thinking I will start doing another mile in the morning. It's my theory that in time - perhaps six months - my knees might have got used to the light but regular pounding and I'll eventually be able to increase the distance. I wondered if anyone has a suggestion, does my plan sound viable ?


  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    Welcome to the world of running! And the world of running injuries!

    I would see someone who can out together a strength programme to help your knees. One the gym staff (yes I know it might be difficult at the moment) did me one. Alternatively a decent physio will do one for you. 

    Also I would start with C25K. It is a really good programme, I returned to running using it after major hip surgery and my consultant was very happy for me to do so.
    If you haven't done so already you need to make sure that you are running in well cushioned shoes that are supportive enough for you.   The right shoes can really make the difference

  • senidMsenidM ✭✭✭
    +1 with Shades re shoes, wrong or just not supportive shoes can really make your joints ache, especially if you're just starting out.

    And yes you're plan sounds viable, short steady runs and build up, took me about a year before I attempted a 10K after running a couple of miles 2 or 3 times a week.
  • Thanks folks, I am on day 4 of my running schedule and so far no pains on my 1 mile jog. I'm keeping to 8 minutes for the mile, so just a light jog on a flat course. I am reading up on C25k on the NHS website. Prior to C-19 I was doing 5km Park Runs and I could manage them in around 19 mins, issues only arise after longer runs. When starting back up I bought new running shoes from an independent running specific shop and specifically asked for well cushioned shoes. It would be great to build back up to 10km even half marathons. I will be financially wiped out from C-19 so running is going to become my new sport. Once gyms reopen I will go and ask about a strength program for my knees.

    Thanks guys.
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    For my 10pence, I would go with TT advice, get some physio advice and strength training. I had similar issue with knee pain, but was due to tight hip flexor/ IT band (prob not your issue). I would add some general stretches (until cov19 has passed) which helped me a lot after a Physio assessment. And walk around your house barefoot, cushioned shoes/slippers when not running/walking don't help.
  • I've been having some success doing slow backwards step-downs with my bad knee to build strength...might help!
  • YnnecYnnec ✭✭✭
    TT said:

    I would see someone who can out together a strength programme to help your knees. One the gym staff (yes I know it might be difficult at the moment) did me one. Alternatively a decent physio will do one for you. 
    I'm with TT & Stu92, the quads, hamstrings and calves support the knee joints and there's a multitude of routines out there on the www that focus on strengthening those. 

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  • Hi there
    Can’t open my own thread so piggybacking here
    I am 61 years old 5’11” 76 kgs weight
    I led a lethargic lifestyle so was overweight but last one year have reduced 10kgs
    I was walking regularly for more then an hour everyday for the past one year
    I have recently started adding jogging to my routine
    I have a lap of 600M
    After the first round of warmup..I jog slow pace for 350m and then walk
    Then I reduce my jogging by 50 m so next time it will be 300m and so on till I reach 50 m
    Totally I jog 7 rounds and then walk for the rest of the time to cool down
    At the end of the jogging portion each time I am totally breathless and the exertion would be 9/10
    Is this desirable?
    Should I reduce my jogging or I can continue in this pattern and after some days it will get better?
    Alternatively I can jog for 350m on alternate laps so I get a lot of time to recover

  • Hi James and welcome. Totally breathless when you're first starting out may not be the way to go. Have you considered the C25K programme mentioned earlier in the thread?
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