Inner knee pain keeps coming back, both knees identical position

I'm in my late 40's, slim and pretty fit. From time to time I suffer from inner knee pain which can affect either knee in an identical position. I tend to think it might be a pinched nerve because it's very painful and tends to go quite quickly, though if that were the case I would think it odd to be a pinched nerve (does that make sense?)

I have added a picture, the pain is very localised, I think I can pin it down to an area no bigger than a 50pence piece.

It can come and go at any time, but is more likely to show its ugly face on a longer run. I am currently only light jogging 1.2 miles on a grass sports field in the morning and 1.6 miles on the same field in the evening. So less than 4 miles a day and on a good soft surface. At the moment I am ok but I would love to hear the opinion of an expert and perhaps find an exercise to help correct this issue that has been troubling me for several years.

Many thanks in advance.


  • Is it caused by the patellar displaced? Go to the doctor to see if the knee need special treatment. Wearing a knee strap while running to stabilize the patellar, it can reduce the wear of the joint. Mines are getting better after putting on a good strap.
  • Hi Andrew,
    I'm a chiropractor and can tell you that your description doesn't quite fit with what I'd expect with a trapped nerve.
    Nerves follow very set pathways and tend to give pain right the way along the course of the nerve rather than a focal area.
    I think Astor1219 is right that this is more likely due to your knee mechanics. That is quite vague, but given there are so many mechanical problems that can affect the knee (even those starting in the hips or feet) it's difficult to be more precise without a physical exam.
    Rather than consulting your GP or hoping for a referral to a surgeon, you would be better seeking the opinion of a musculoskeletal specialist who has an interest in running. This might be a chiropractor, physiotherapist, or some podiatrists.
    Best of luck,
  • Robc66Robc66 ✭✭
    Hi Andrew,
    Possibly meniscus issues? I had pain in a very similar area late last year and was fortunate enough to have it diagnosed  very quickly through my work health insurance scheme. Turned out to be a small meniscus tear. I had a cortisone injection which although hasn't cured the tear, it took away the inflammation and pain, allowing me to run again. 3 Months later I'm back up to 15 miles, although I stay away from trails in fear of tweaking it!  Definitely pay a visit to a physio in the first instance would be my advice.
    Good luck in getting it sorted!
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