Changing up my routine

Hey guys I'm looking at changing my routine so I can maximise results basically.
Currently I just do 3-4x 7.5 mile runs a week( go quite hard pb is 7:15 per mile) and a hill sprint session. I've heard that I'm missing a fair bit and.could benefit from changes. So how would a plan like this sound:

Monday - 7.5 mile hard
Tuesday- 6-8 mile easy
Wednesday 10-12 mile easy
Thursday - rest
Friday - hill sprint / intervals 
Saturday - 6-8 mile.easy
Sunday rest

So my goal is to manage longer runs in under 7 min miles. I dont have a race to train for (I'm in the forces so been fit is beneficial) but if I had a race in mind I'd want to aim eventually for 10k in 40 minutes

Stats wise I'm 26 6ft and 90kg. I'm dieting down with end goal of 83kg


  • m20177m20177 ✭✭
    Done my first week of this. Was nice doing the slow runs and not every session been flat out. Managed 39.6 miles total so a good start 
    Hoping to see good results
  • m20177m20177 ✭✭
    Do you guys think this routine will work? I'd love a 40min 10k.

    For the easy runs I've Been doing 8-9 miles

    Long run 12.2 and I'll bump it up each week until I hit 15.

    And the intervals I did 5x1k with 3 min rest (3:45 average but felt very hard)

    I'd love some feedback from someone who knows their stuff
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