Not being tired all day after a morning run?

Hi All,

I'm noticing increasingly that I'm mentally and physically really tired after a morning run - to the extent that I'm not really firing on all cyclinders the rest of the day. Sometimes this is okay! But it can also be annoying when I want to do something else...and not feel like a Zombie all day..

I was wondering do many people have a nap or something after there run, and does this help restoring them for the rest of the day?! I have run up to marathon distance - but this morning I did a 5km and I'm still dead to the world.


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    Worth looking at what you eat & drink before & after your early a.m. run.  A banana & a coffee 30 min. before I ran, and toast + honey, or cereal, porage or similar tops up near empty energy reservoirs.
    You're maybe dehydrated, one of the commonest reasons for tiredness?   

    But running a 5km should have no effect on your energy levels for the rest of the day, maybe an underlying reason, anaemia perhaps.
  • It sounds, apart from possible dehydration (doubt its lack of calories unless you have an eating disirder and simply don't eat enough) like fatigue that is not really related to energy expenditure/exercise. What is your diet like? If you eat a lot of refined carbs and/or drink caffeine they are often culprits for sudden crashing fatigue. Wholegrains and lower Glycemic index foods help keep you going all day rather than creating high blood sugar spikes then crashes. Caffeine is often counter productive. If you really love a cup of tea or coffee you don't have to stop completely, but maybe try just having one at breakfast time and leave it at that. Dont rely on it for energy. Coffee releases glucose from liver into blood stream so you get a sudden high spike and then a crash. Maintaining stable blood sugar levels all day will definitely help with energy levels. If you have a good diet and already avoid or limit refined carbs and avoid/limit caffeine, how about sleep issues? 

    Are you sleeping well? Could you have sleep aponea? Are you under stress? Do you have a young child who keeps you up at night?

    Have you recently had a virus? Post viral fatigue is common and it can take weeks or even months to recover fully.  

    If concerned, do ask your doc for blood tests. You may be low in iron which will cause fatigue. You could also have an underlying health condition causing fatigue so do check it out if worried. 
  • And yes I have struggled with this myself, and you definitely aren't alone. For me it was stress and post-viral related Chrinic Fatigue and anxiety/depression which caused this overwhelming fatigue, (and low body temperature, severe Raynaud's syndrome and IBS-diarrhoea!!) amongst other things, so do try a few things, try to see your GP and get to the bottom of it if it does not resolve in a few weeks
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