Friday Session: 25 October

Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets now on whether I will be aching for days after:

What: Upper-body circuit training session.
Why: Has to be done! It's Friday - my day off running and the day I do the upper body equivalent of the long run.

Last hard: Yesterday, a load of 800m intervals.
Last rest: Today, from running only.


  • You are PSI-chotic mate
  • Had my longest run with one stop (had to go) last night 2 hours in torrential rain, soaked literally to the skin, didn't dare to stop or I would have got cold so just kept on going, this morning legs feel a bit tight, but otherwise feel great. Need to go shopping at the weekend and get a decent waterproof jacket, any suggestions anyone.
  • Morning all - weathers back to normal - dark, wet and windy.

    What: Rest
    Why: Racing tomorrow - x country (should be fun its been raining all week)

    Last hard: Tuesday
    Last Rest: Saturday
  • Good for you WW, now you know you're a true runner! Can't afford it myself but a friend has an Adidas waterproof, £90 but it works.

    What: er, wearing my not-so-waterproof Ron Hill shell hope to force myself out to do 5/6 miles easy.
    Why: last night's recovery run turned into tempo run.
    Last hard: yesterday.
    Last rest: Tues.

    Have a good weekend all.
  • what: Light interval session on the treadmill
    why: I'm conning myself tapering is good preparation
    last hard day : sunday
    last rest : Mon, Wed, Thurs oh and saturday will be too.

    it's sooooo difficult for me to read about those running in the rain without a smile. Well done.

    BTW, Taper does mean slob out doesn't it?

    tell you about the 1/2M on monday.
  • Laura if it really is waterproof it will be worth it after last night, there wasn't an inch of me that was dry, I could have wrung my clothes out, in fact we ended up like the new Nike advert jumping in puddles, I've never quite grown up.
  • WW - If you want it to be totally waterproof invest in a Gore-Tex jacket. Concurve make some really good running ones, with loads of ventilation - pricey though. Got mine on order with Santa.

    What: 10k easy
    Why: Having a really, really easy week
    Last hard run: Sunday
    Last rest: Yesterday

  • What: nowt
    Why: resting up for Sunday
    Last hard run: Tuesday
    Last rest day: Today
  • what: short downwind blast
    why: last outing before Sunday
    last hard run: last Sat comes nearest I suppose; else Sunday before that (10K race)
    last rest day: Wed

    latest weather forecast for Wirral on Sunday 1100 GMT (race start time) looks v uncertain. The big low with the gales round it could arrive late from the south - in which case it could be a gale against rather than behind. Definite chances of recording a PW.....
  • Bravo, Wicked!!! Sounds like a terrific run. I read your posts with tremendous interest, as they sound very much like something I might aspire to. You surely deserve to treat yourself to the waterproof of your dreams.

    What: 5M. I pushed the pace (probably 10min/mile) over stretches approx 1M long, walking in between.

    Ended up at my running mate's house. We greeted each other with a completely undignified session rolling on the floor hugging and kissing each other. I needed that moment of unqualified approval!

    Don't worry, she's a springer spaniel, who lodges with us during the summer. She's coming to stay next weekend.

    Post half ambitions: 1) Run a half at 10min mile pace, and 2) be able to run the distance (not race pace)without being overly tired the next week.

    Strategy: 1) Practice running a mile at a time "fast". 2) Just do it: run the distance "easy", and then don't duck running two days later.

    Improvements on that?
  • Wicked Witch - if its raining hard I wear my View From "Vortex" jacket which keeps me totally dry. Bought mine 18 months ago for about £90 but I've just checked and Sweatshop are selling them online for £50. If its the same as mine, sounds like a bargain.

    Oh yeah, swimming for me today.

  • If this can get to V-rap: good luck to Kevin for Saturday!
  • Mike S. look on it as a challenge not a problem, and enjoy.
  • Mike S - which race are you doing on Sunday?
  • 8th & last Wirral Seaside 5K 2002

    Just under 4.5K of it along the coastal embankment WSW -> ENE - just a tad exposed.

    Hence hopes for westerly gale.
    Having said that, one blowing in the opposite direction would at least provide a plausible excuse for a cr*p time - don't feel I'm running v well at the moment.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Good luck with the race Mike , and all the other weekend racers.

    What : rest day
    Why : Friday!
    Last hard : tempo yesterday
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    What: Day off today so heading out for a long one soon.
    Why: Because I can and it's daylight.

    Did some hill reps at the end of my run last night for the first time in AGES, and really enjoyed them!!

    Must log off now or I'll still be here when it gets dark!
  • Ironman would that be the one at around £120, if so Santa's coming early, and besides I'm worth it.
  • Its been a torrid three weeks - working extremely hard and little time for running or any other life.......but.....I've decided to run the marathon on Sunday but with completely revised tactics.

    ......look out for report on Monday.....ulp!
  • good luck to anyone running the sunday - should be a unique experience!

    what: 13.6 miles fair pace (for me that was 1.36)
    why: Training for Leicester half I want to get some good runs in early so I've got time to ease off a bit in the weeks before.
    Last rest - yesterday (well I went swimming does that count?)
    Next rest - tomorrow
    Last run - wednesday - did 35 minutes X country
  • Gently trotted 1 mile into the wind (& rain); wiped specs clear, then blasted back downwind. Broke 5:30 (just); started too fast anyway, but feel I've definitely lost something in the last 2-3 weeks. Oh well...

    Good luck Martin - and everyone else on Sunday!
  • What: 4 mile tempo, which turned into a hill/trail session due to a fallen tree being removed from the forest track.

    Why: Easy run yesterday
    Last Rest: Thurs
  • What , 30 min easy on the treadmill, cant face running outside in the rain just yet.

    good luck to everyone racing on Sunday, its going to be wet and windy!!
  • What: Nothing
    Why: Suffering from a strained hamstring
    Last Hard: Sunday (football)
    Last Rest: Yesterday

    Was hoping to have a nice long run on Sunday but looks as though I'll have to forgo it this week

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