New member saying hello..

<p>Hi everyone, new member here just checking in and a little about myself.</p><p>
</p><p>I’m a 42 year old, reasonably active, male who has trained predominantly with weights for the past few years. I used to be a keen recreational runner and, around 10 years ago, was able to hold a 7:30 min mile for around an hour.</p><p>
</p><p>I’ve recently returned to running/jogging, and would love to be able to get back to that pace (I know it’s nothing special so I’m hopeful) whilst maintaining my strength training.</p><p>
</p><p>I’m 85kg at 175cm, so fairly high on BMI but certainly not fat. Importantly, I’m keen not to lose any weight; certainly not any muscle anyway.</p><p>
</p><p>As for my training plan, I’ve been following this for the past 3-4 weeks and feeling good, not too overtrained, but would appreciate any thoughts...</p><p>
</p><p>Day 1: Strength training (upper and lower)</p><p>Day 2: ‘tempo’ run. Currently 30 mins, intend to build up to 45. Slightly out of breath pace.</p><p>Day 3: AM Circuit training</p><p><span>            PM Spinning intervals </span></p><p>Day 4: recovery run. 1 hour, comfortable talking pace.</p><p>Day 5: Strength training (upper and lower. Possibly fast 1.5 mile run at end.</p><p>Day 6: endurance run. Build up to 1.5 hours at comfortable pace</p><p><span>Day 7: rest </span></p><p>
</p><p>I appreciate it’s not easy to both improve strength and endurance simultaneously, so my aim is to improve my running whilst maintaining my strength levels and muscle mass.</p><p>
</p><p><span>Would love to hear any thoughts on this plan and look forward to being a part of the forum! </span></p><p>
</p><p><span>Thanks, </span></p><p>
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