2020 events in the balance ?

Given the social distancing and mass gathering rules .  Can we expect most of this years running events wont take place?  If   sporting fixtures are  to played behind closed doors  how can you stage a race with thousands on a starting line? 

As an example my  preferred event is the Snowdonia Marathon and it was only a few weeks ago members of the public were being hounded out of North Wales (understandably so ). Unless the area is on its knees i doubt two thousand plus runners would be welcome.  I understand some of the races are late in the year but weeks seem to be flying by without  massive improvements.

Some of the city centre runs must surely be in doubt?


  • Berlin has just announced it won't be taking place on the set date of September 27. No word yet of whether it's been postponed or cancelled.
  • I can't see any events taking place until we have a vaccine, including parkrun.
  • I've got my first marathon coming up this year (Edinburgh), yikes! Originally at the end of May it's now 6th September but I can't see it or any of the other events happening this year unfortunately. Will keep up the training anyway, stay strong everyone.
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    There have been reports of London just being an elite race. One of the triathlon companies has put out how it will deal with a race under social distancing by having individual swim start times. They are aiming for August, but personally even though I would like to race do not see how it is going to happen. 

    So a race with 40000 people and 750000 spectators and all the back up? Personally think it will be 2021.
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    My concern with starting parkrun is that if that is the only 'race' option, everyone that has ever run a parkrun will be turning up. There will be a huge pent up desire from regulars as well. So if you take a fairly normal parkrun, they might have an average attendance of 400 (which in itself is the size of many local races) but that is likely to be drawn from a pool of 1200 who don't al turn up week on week. I suspect when it starts, he vast majority of that pool will turn up on the same day, plus those who don't do parkrun as they prefer to limit racing, but this is their only option, plus those who have taken up running in lockdown.

    You can't control parkrun numbers. If you try and say the field will be limited to the first 100 that arrive or book in advance, who can stop anyone else turning up? At least with a race you can control numbers.

  • Yes well said. How can parkrun restart without a vaccine?
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    Parkrun wont be able to come back for ages as its tricky to limit numbers, introduce waves etc as folks will just turn up.

    I cant see any big races taking place in the uk this year, and overseas travel probably wont be back for racing this year either (although it might for other reasons).

    Best hope of racing this yr is for smaller (LT 500) type races from Sept/Oct, with distancing at number collects etc
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    Silverstone half in November are still selling entries...
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    personally i think it's  unethical of races to sell places, unless they plan to return money if cancelled. though equally foolish of people to enter. it's  not the race will sell out right now. wait until September then enter.

    My local 10k is mid july. They didnt open entries in march as normal. They stated they would not spend money or taking entries and would reassess in May. At which point if it looks feasible they will organise at double pace. Last week they decided it wasnt so abondoned to next year. No losses, no one upset. 
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    The French are selling places for Nice Cannes in November. Have booked a totally refundable hotel but holding fire on entry and flights as they are non refundable.

    Silverstone did open entries ages ago, but in my opinion, as with DT19, they should have stopped.
  • Just trying to pre-empt what the PM will say on Sunday. Releasing the lockdown will be gradual to start as the numbers are too high, but let's say we're in Germany's position in August/September. Do you think the Government is going to allow theatres, pubs and mass gatherings such as concerts and races to take place after then? I can't see them allowing parkruns and races to take place, let alone 40,000 to gather for the London Marathon plus crowds. But maybe they'll say runners are healthy and it's outdoors so there's minimal risk. It will be interesting to see if NZ parkruns are allowed any time soon though.
    I've only entered one race since the pandemic started.   It's in November and it was made clear to us that if the race can't go ahead we can either defer to next year or have a full refund of the entry fee, won't get the event entry system admin fee of £3 refunded but I'm OK with that as that's clearly explained to us now.
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    I've not entered anything. Just got my eye on a mara at the end of Sept with a 150 runner field. They state that if the event cannot go ahead you can transfer to another race next year (they organise plenty).

    I'm just waiting to get over injury and make sure I can do the training first though. Appreciate I risk it selling out in the interim.

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    I have a Brighton place rolled over from April to September, Brighton opened early bird entries for 2021 today, without 2020 even being run. I asked them what happens if i take a 2021 early bird and Sept then doesnt happen, i could end up with 2 entries for 2021 and they could have too many entries......they say they are taking regular advice and have been encouraged to plan for Sept taking place......we'll see.
    TR - doesn't seem right somehow a race taking an entry fee for next year's race when this years hasn't happened yet.    But I understand the EB price is well discounted, well for them it is anyway.
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    I didnt enter, i still have Brighton, vlm and North Dorset entries from April, i expect at least 2 of those to role over to next April too.

    Brighton did say they'd probably offer a decent options package again if sept doesnt happen. Think the April choice was defer to Sept, defer to 2021 or get a refund.

    Early bird was £45, which isnt much more than vlm.
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    I think last night said all it needed t re the likelihood of anything of scale happening this year.
  • Edinburgh marathon now cancelled for this year, spaces can be deferred to next year or other options such as a virtual run and you still get the t-shirt & medal and a portion of the entrance fee goes to charity. Also the Run Gatwick half marathon has been deferred to next year, places are automatically transferred to next year. The only other race I had booked was the 10k as part of Brighton marathon weekend, I expect that will be cancelled soon as it's a big event. Have signed up for next year's marathon so not sure what will happen to the 10k place? I'm hoping maybe some of the smaller events will be allowed later in the year, we have a local 10k that's restricted to 400 places anyway. The organisers are waiting on developments before they decide, haven't opened it up for entries yet.
    Isle of Man Marathon (and Half) have confirmed that the event will go ahead on 9th August.

    However, before you all reach for your credit cards, the borders are closed and no indication of when they may reopen.  :'(
  • Hi Runners World community!

    Hope this finds you and your families well.

    I wanted to ask for your support in completing a short survey (approx 3 mins) on your current feeling towards mass participation events, that will be invaluable in feeding into a wider industry report that I am working on.

    Your support would be hugely appreciated!
    Thank you in advance 😊
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    Had an email from Farnham Pilgrim Marathon/Half organisers and they're hoping to put their event on, 13th Sept. It's a trail run with a really lovely course, at one point high up on North Downs, spectacular views.

    It's going ahead with special arrangements, staggered start type thing with no Chip timing, medal, T etc. But £30 a pop, which, as it's a charity run organised by a rotary club is fine, but perhaps not for me!
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