Hip issue

Hi everyone,

I am relatively new to running - started back in November with C25K and have been working up to 10k since March. Throughout March and the first half of April, I was averaging 15-20 miles per week (so not a huge amount!), although I would say I was reasonably fast-paced (around 7-7:30 min/mile), which felt just within the upper limit of my comfort zone.

About a week ago, I noticed a pain localised to the front of my right hip, which was only triggered by running. I stopped running last Friday (5 days ago) and have not run since (apart from a tentative 30-second jog on my walk today).

Obviously I can't visit a GP or physio under current circumstances, but does anyone have any advice re. next steps? I am already stretching and have taken ibuprofen a couple of times a day in case it's inflammation. The pain is not present when I stretch, sit down, stand, walk or climb stairs, but it flares when I start jogging (even slowly).

There is no pain in my thigh or knee, so I don't think it's ITBS. Does anyone have any thoughts on what this could be, and when I might be able to run again? I don't want to lose all my progress :(

Thank you in advance!


    Look up some stretches for hip flexors.   It's very common for the hip flexors to become tight and troublesome.   
  • NWCBNWCB ✭✭✭
    Thanks Shades, I'll give that a go!

    Do you think I should hold off from running until the pain is completely gone? I'm assuming yes but you never know... :(

    Am I likely to lose a lot of fitness after, say, 2 weeks?
    NWCB - don't run if it hurts but you will maintain your fitness quite well if you are able to walk at a brisk pace.   Walking may help you heal too and then as you recover you'll be able to introduce a few little running sections into your walk.

    Even if lost some fitness it will return quickly, much much quicker than the time it took you to get to the level that you are at now.
  • jobeejobee ✭✭
    Is your TFL muscle tight ? Its along the anterior hip below the hip bone where the leg joins. Get a hard ball like a massage ball and roll around on it. You will soon know. If its in spasm/tight you might need to strengthen up the glutes
  • NWCBNWCB ✭✭✭
    Thanks Jobee - good advice. I will definitely be working on my glutes!

    I am now wondering if my injury could be a stress fracture? Having read some of the symptoms online, it seems possible - particularly the points about it being brought on by activity and relieved by rest, and the fact that the pain is relatively minor. There isn't any swelling though, and it's not tender to the touch.

    What's weird is that I can bear weight on it with pain - I can climb stairs, get up from sitting etc. pain-free... walking brings it on slightly, and running more strongly (although I haven't tried running in a while). But in general life, I only really notice the pain when I perform certain weird movements with my leg to 'test the waters' (e.g. bending my leg out at a right angle while stretching)

    I assume hip flexor strain is more likely though? If I had a stress fracture, would I know about it?!

    I have a telephone consultation with a physio on Saturday, but would be grateful for any thoughts in the meantime. It's been two weeks now and I'm dying to get back to running. Sooo regret pushing myself too hard too soon :( - anyone reading this, learn from my mistakes.
    NWCB - It's unlikely to be a stress fracture, unless you suffer from osteoporosis you haven't been doing the sort of mileage that a runner might get a stress fracture.   I know when you Dr Google an injury, stress fracture is often mentioned on the list and the level of pain varies.  But for a stress fracture in the hip you would certainly know about it and you wouldn't have the level of pain free movement that you are able to do.  So please stop worrying about it.

    Hip and groin injuries can sometimes be difficult to diagnose so that's good that you've got a physio consultation at the weekend.    I've had hip/groin injuries in the past and they can take a while to heal but I've usually been able to do some training as part of the rehab. 

    Please let us know what the physio says.
  • NWCBNWCB ✭✭✭
    Thanks again Shades, that's reassuring.

    I'm finding it difficult to tell where I'm at with this injury. It doesn't seem to hurt most of the time (I think?!), but certain jerky movements cause some momentary pain. Really annoying... I'm almost beginning to wonder if it's in my head?

    I just want to RUN.

    I'll see what the physio says tomorrow and will definitely update here for anyone interested :)
  • Hi NWCB,
    How did you get on with your telephone-consultation?
  • Richy88Richy88 ✭✭
    Have you visited the doctor? May be it is a little problem and that's it
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