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A friend of mine was talking about measuring the distance he runs, so I recommended Strava App. (He doesn't have GPS watch). I barely use it myself, but know lots of people find it good.  It is giving him very inaccurate info though, obviously some issue with GPS. Eg He did the same run and it measured 11.40 miles one day and 9.47 miles when he ran it in the opposite direction. It always gives him different distances for the same route in opposite direction. Also on the Strava map you can see after his run, the orange line is very wiggly compared to everyone else's. All advice gratefully received: I was hoping to encourage him in his running...


  • Cal JonesCal Jones ✭✭✭
    I'd get him to invest in a Garmin. You can get some bargains on the older models and the 45 is not that expensive and does quite a lot.
  • We had this same problem on my wife's phone, very inaccurate routes including sometimes some huge spikes that looked as though she'd done a mile in 30 seconds across a valley!

    After some digging the issue turned out to be her phone had a power saver mode on which affects how often Strava can access the GPS, there's a troubleshooting guide on the Strava website (sorry can't post the link as I'm a new user) - we followed this and it sorted it straight away.

    I've recently got a Garmin watch and have found that Strava on phone measures abit longer (I'm told the Garmin will be more accurate than a phone) which is abit of a sickener as I had a 5k and 10k loop route that were pretty much smack on door to door but now have to do a lap or two of the block when I get back, so it seems Strava isn't mega accurate on phones but I wouldn't expect the huge differences you've mentioned.
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