Running Watch Easy to Use - Large Font, Possibly Music - Recommendations Please

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Hello, I’ve had a TomTom running watch for several years but now need a new one because it’s a bit temperamental. I’m looking for a simple one with large font so I can see easily whilst running. Possibly with music but it’s not a deal breaker as I do carry my phone (using Spotify) with me.  Thank you.


  • Hello, I only started running about 5 years ago and bought a TomTom runner at the time which served me really well and it was only last year that I decided to replace it. After looking at all the alternatives I bought a Garmin 245 (non-music version) and absolutely love it.

    Takes a little bit of time to start off with just to figure out all the settings etc but there are some good short videos on youtube that help. Once you've set it up as you want, and there are lots of customisation options for running settings and different watch faces, then it's dead simple to use.

    The display is clear, I have mine set for average pace, time & distance but you can have anything from 1 to 4 different stats showing. There is a 245 version with music via bluetooth connection but it's a bit more expensive. GPS signal is also very good, picks it up much quicker than the TomTom in my experience.

    Hope that helps,
  • Looking for a bit of advice on this myself, 
    Don't know how much you're willing to spend but I have seen the garmin 645 music on offer in a few places for £225 the rrp is £350 so seems a good saving. 
    I've seen mixed reviews though a few say it's brilliant and some say it's not so good. Maybe someone on here could give more info on it. 
  • ive a tomtom runner 3 and is starting to die after 2.5yrs. im looking a garmin vivoactive 3 but have read mixed reviews. any help here would be appreciated
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