Help me shop for new trainers!

As I'm not able to go trainer shopping properly at the moment, I'm looking for some pointers from the forum!

I currently run in women's X - Talon 212. They're not the newest version but I've had a couple of pairs over the years because generally I prefer running off-road and they're very grippy in the mud. 

As they're the only pair I have to run in, I'm thinking of getting another pair that's more cushioned when I don't need the grip. I like the X Talons but last time I went looking for an alternative in a shop (having had gait analysis), I was given ASICS Nimbus shoes and really didn't like them. I have flat feet so I think I am usually put in corrective shoes but never like running in them because I find them very heavy and slow. 

I think the reason I like the X Talons is probably because they're very light, really feel like they hold your foot in and possibly because they're flat from heel to toe. And they last forever! I've been told l have long, narrow feet with short toes and apparently I put a lot of weight on my forefoot. When I had custom insoles many years ago, they actually lifted the toe to lean me back a bit.

When quarentine is over I'll probably look to get custom insoles again (just using off the shelf atm) so think I need a neutral shoe, mainly for road/hard paths that is light/fast but with more cushioning as I am getting more issues with my hips, knees and ankles and currently doing more strength training than running.

I'm only running up to 30k per week but would definitely up this if I could avoid the aches and pains. Any pointers gratefully received as there seems to be a million brands and styles out there.

Thank you.


    Nimbus are neutral shoes.

    Why not look on a couple of retailer's websites, some offer a live chat session and you could tell them to advise something like your X Talons.   

    Or you could just phone
  • I have a question about the Asics Nimbus 22 (women). When trying the shoes on and running a little, the arch support (its a little bump on the shoe on the inner part of the midsole) feels just a little uncomfortable. Is it a reason not to buy the shoes?
    bellonet - sorry can't help, I don't use Nimbus
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    If you had used Nimbus 22 before with no ptoblems then you should be fine.
    Ive used Nimbus 17 and 18, i dont notice the arch, but do notice it in something like Pegasus.
    I use Saucony Ride too, they are a lot lighter and cheaper than Nimbus, so worth a look. You'll get a pair for £50 ish if you get an older version such as Ride Iso.

    Nimbus are good for high mileage as they are hard wearing, but are expensive. I struggled to find them for LT £80. They are a heavy shoes, which is their biggest downfall.
  • I bought a pair of ASICS gt 2000s as I overpronate but about 1km in my feet were really aching and I have pain on the inside of my calf. Does this go away with time or do I have the wrong shoes?
  • I didn't have any of those that you mention.
    I use New Balance FuelCell Rebel. Anyway I think it's better to go to the store and try it in real life, than buying online.
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