Pain in achilles and shin

Due to this lockdown I can't get to my usual sprinting haunt. I usually sprint on grass. I've found a concrete stretch near my home that is 100m long which I've been using. Issue is, I'm getting horrendous dull pain in my achilles especially after doing about half my workout. I halved what I did today just to get through a few sprints...

Is this just my legs getting used to concrete sprinting?


  • BedianBedian ✭✭
    Hi all, I've just joined the forum and i'm struggling to find the option to post a thread so thought I would just comment here. I hope that's ok?

    I'm a beginner to running. I've just recently stopped playing rugby and thought I would use this lockdown to try getting into a new sport. I've been running regularly for just over a month now but have run into some issues that I'm hoping you can help with.

    I've usually been running around 3k 3/4 days per week from the start. I've gradually increased my times and pace with some success however I have had an issue on the lower outside of my leg, above the ankle since I first began and it doesn't seem to have gotten much better. It feels like lactic acid build up and it becomes very tight. I've looked it up and it looks to be the fibular brevis?

    I assumed it was just a muscle that needed building up over time. Last week I pushed on and did a 4 and 5k run in which the injury flared up as it usually does. I then had 3 days rest to recover before getting back to it. What seems strange to me with this is that it only seems to be an issue when I run and shortly after. Otherwise it doesn't seem aggravated at all and isn't sore or tight so feels different to a normal muscular injury.

    Since coming back this week I have really struggled with my basic 3k runs with this injury flaring up after a fairly short distance. As this is something that seems to obviously need resting I just wanted to ask a few questions so as to recover in the best way possible and prepare better in future. If anyone can help by answering some of these questions I would be incredibly grateful.

    1. Is this a common issue? If so does it sound like it is this fibular brevis? If not what else could it be?
    2. Is there likely an underlying cause such as the terrain or my 'technique'? I have had ankle issues previously and wonder if this is also playing a part.
    3. What is the best way to stretch these muscles pre and post run?

    Thanks for your help
  • "I hope that's ok?"

    Why would taking over someone's recently posted thread, which has yet to receive a response, be okay?
  • BedianBedian ✭✭
    > @"Highland Gait Way" said:
    > "I hope that's ok?"
    > Why would taking over someone's recently posted thread, which has yet to receive a response, be okay?

    Apologies, I didn't realise that was what I was doing.

    Rather than making snidey comments maybe you could try something constructive like help with either of our questions or direct me as to how to post a thread?
  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    Hi Bedian welcome to the forum, to start a new thread you must post a certain number of times first, I think it is five.

    I do not know what your issue is but many physios are doing online consultations (not a physio!) Might be worth trying to find one?

    If rest is not curing it then professional help is usually the next step.
  • BedianBedian ✭✭
    Thanks TT,

    I hadn’t considered an online consultation. I’ll certainly look into it.
  • Hi Ohmightyone,
    I'm a chiropractor and sprinter. Just a word of caution. The load from sprinting on concrete vs grass is much higher. Your Achilles will adapt, but over a long time. If you run through the pain, or don't give yourself enough time to recover you could cause yourself a problem.
    Achilles tendinopathy can present as just a dull ache but can lead to rupture, and a rupture is one of the nastiest injuries around, so be very careful.
    Best wishes,
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