Words of encouragement

So it seems like a lot of the things I would normally shout as encouragement to all you FLMers are verboten.

So, what DO you want to hear from us lot at mile 18?


  • I just want a gin and a hug

    dont speak to me
  • Just tell me I'm doing really well - regardless.
  • how much gin hippo?
  • you can do it! you can do it!
  • I don't care what every you want to shout will help me....a bit of abuse usually works well;-)
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • The best crowd support I experienced last year was a chunk of dairy milk!
    "you're looking good!" always works for me, but thats probably vanity
  • God knows what will help my by mile 18! Just please don't shout "only another 8 miles" or I think I will lose all motivation and forward motion and collapse in a heap.

    Perhaps "well done" or "you can do it". Don't think I would believe "you're looking good" as I know I will be looking anything but!
  • How about "Jonny Wilkinson's only 100 yards ahead of you"?
  • Hmmm, that might work!!
  • The first time I ran it, Dr Fox off the radio was ahead of me, and the cheering for him motivated me, I didn't want to let someone who (no offence) is a bit of a podgy bloke beat me.
  • And did he?
  • The fist time I did FLM there was a guy about 80 in the background (well about 10 feet behind me) of my finish photo, didnt dare show that one to my mates.
  • Nope, I overtook him - and Frank Bruno :o)
  • Bear, was that 2000???

    Bloody Frank Bruno was causing grid-lock in the Docklands!!

    Celebs, eh!
  • I prefer "Go on Tony lad, Strong as an ox"
  • Any person who has spotted me personally in the crowd and shouts at ME, will give me a lift. Hence the name on the vest.

    "HEY BALDIE, those went out of fashion years ago!" Means that I have been spotted. It will also wake me up out of my stupor.

    Anything accurate is good :-)
    8 miles to go--its walk in the park :-) to :-(
    You look like shi.e - have a drink and pull yerself together :-)
    Concentrate - Keep it together :-)
    I've just seen Nell MacAndrew :-P
    Anyone seen Barnsley? ;-)
    What fecon time d'yer call this? Gerra move on! :-(
    Tower Bridge is only 4 miles :-|
    You're on the home run now! :-)

    You can beat the fairy - is always a good one. Last time I did FLM it was like a Midsummer Night's Dream. Like blessed mosquitos they were.

  • Either dress as a middle aged women with a clip board and say:
    "Have you got a minute to fill in this survey"

    Or dress as a 23 year ex-student with a tabard on and say:
    "Are you interested in giving to charity"

    Guaranteed to get people running faster away from you :-)

    "Well done mate. You can do it" works for me...
  • AA - yes, 2000, but I think he runs it every year.
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