Weird late post run pain.

Hi all,

I’ve had a quick search through the forums and couldn’t find anything that related so.....

I’ve just got back into running, now able to do some slow 5ks which has really boosted my confidence. Went out for a run yesterday and seemed to be fine, decent time (for me anyway). No niggles, had a wash and got on with the day.

Fast forward to 2am... I’d had a couple of beers so needed the obligatory middle of the night pee, when I got up I noticed I had muscle pain in the top front part of my thigh, not quiet the groin area but close.

Went back to bed and when I’ve got up this morning the pain is still there, not hurting when I’m at rest although I can feel it’s tight.

I’m no stranger to injury but this is the first time it’s taken so long to make itself known.

I guess my question is, is this normal and if any of you lovely people have had something similar do you have any advice?

Thanks in advance


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