Old 10k Result - British 10k 3rd July 2005 & Wimbledon 10k circa 1999/2000

Hey all - thought I'd ask here to see if anyone has a link to the results for London 10k in July, 2005. The best I can find online is the first 50 or so finishers listed on Power of 10;


I'm also looking for results from 10k races in Wimbledon between Spring 1999 and Autumn 2000. It was the first one I ever did as a 16/17 year old. I've ruled out the Barry Jones races in both years as these are available online in full. I've also contacted the Wimbledon Windmillers to see if they have a record of the Jim Braben Memorial 10ks and their 'Winter Windmiller,' but if anyone either has these or could point to results from other Wimbldon 10ks (if there are any...) I'd be very grateful!!!

Is it likely that results from any of the above would have been in any print publications that I could check out?

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