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Good morning everyone!
I have a problem that I have never experienced before, blackened toe nails! When running any more than 9 or 10 miles in my latest shoes, Brooks's Ghost 11's, the second toes on both feet go black! I've never experienced this before with any other shoes (Mizuno, Pearl  Izumi, 361). The shoes feel really comfortable with no sensation of rubbing or tightness. My local run shop is currently closed so I come to you for any insights you may have. Maybe the toe section is too big? I am ready for a new pair anyway having run over 400 miles in them  but would be interested to hear of any similar experiences.


  • The answer most likely, as you've already guessed, is in noting any changes that correspond in a timeline with the blackened toes. My most recent pair of trainers left me with one toe taking a hit, but I think may have also had something to do with the insole slipping a bit. The simple way to check is to switch trainers again and give enough time to let the toes heal. You can of course switch back again, but I wouldn't wait until you have black toes again - check them regularly to see if anything is happening.
  • Robc66Robc66 ✭✭
    Thanks for your help! I ended up buying a pair of new Mizuno Wave Kizuna's yesterday, I've had nothing but good experiences in Mizuno shoes so hopefully that will be the problem solved.

    I think I'll increase my cycling hours for a couple of weeks to let my toes settle and see how I get on in the Kizuna's. 

    Fingers crossed!
    Thanks again 👍
    Rob - it's just your foot sliding to the top of the shoe and hitting the toe box, especially on downhills.   That's assuming that the shoes are the right size for you, should have a thumb's width between end of toes and shoe.

    Easily resolved by either lock lacing or using elastic laces, either will keep your foot firmly where it should be.
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