curvaceous but virtuous club

day 3
No crisps, and have ignored choccie that hubby bought me cos he feel s sorry for me about the crisps
Be strong guys, its the weekend
Done a small run/walk, an dplan more at the weekend
Have a good day, all


  • Benz, what a brilliant title! Curvaceous is cool!

    Had a fantastic run this morning, after really struggling since last Saturday's long one. My running partner (who's torn a tendon) came with me on her bike, and it really helped me keep going. No idea how far it was, as a new route, so I'm going to measure it in a little while. It poured with rain and there was quite a wind, but it was very exhilarating. So maybe I won't give up running as threatened. But what can I give up? Crisps don't bother me. Gone off chocolate. Alcohol......? Don't be so silly Benz!
  • Michelle - catching up on yesterday's thread. The new puppy will be called Quinta. That's Spanish for fifth, and she was born on the fifth of September.

  • Erm, are blokes allowed to be curvaceous?

    I've been very good on cutting out the things I said I would cut out - how long am I meant to keep this up for? Unfortunately, the mother-in-law gave the wife a huge slab of Dairy Milk which is now in our fridge. Damn. And I don't even much like it - but it's just sat there, staring at me....

    Off to get some new running shoes tomorrow - the first pair that I'll have had expert advice on: I'm hoping that this is going to help me!

  • EP - no, scientifically proved(!) that heat burns off all calories

    (same as travelling does - which is why Belgian chocolates are OK because all the calories get bumped out on the journey)

  • Oh dear
    Its black, miserable and really pouring down outside. Really depressing weather. I don't know about all of you but I just want to eat comfort food when its like this. Chocolate, biscuits and lots of buttered toast. Oh think this is going to be a bad day. Certainly no lunchtime run today.
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Mmm. Do I detect that people are really happy with the weight they are? That's cool.
  • EP Yep rain is fun not a torrential downpour jumping off the ground. Never mind it may stop by home time and I can get out tonight. I have no shower facillites at work only the toilet to change in so getting really soaked ain't a good idea.

    Glen - no not happy with the weight I am but happy with food - therein lies the problem.

  • Glenn - God, no!

    But I've come to realise that I can't just expect the weight to drop off right away - having only started running again recently, I'm working on the basis that my body is adjusting, and getting muscled up, so the weight loss is going to be negligible, if anything. My belt seems to be a little looser today, so I'm taking that as a positive!

    And here's out tea-trolley! I'm being good though - tea with skimmed milk, and a banana.
  • EP
    Wouldn't it be great if we could wake up tomorrow and it would all be gone. Oh well we can but dream. As you say it took a long time to go on and it will take as long to come off. Can't get into this Weight Watchers diet. Am thinking of going to Slimming World. I don't eat red meat and not a lot of white either but I love all things pasta so their green diet may suit me fine. Is there anyone out there who has lost weight with them? How did you get on?
    Back to the lunchtime run EP do you manage out even if it pours down? Getting washed and changed is a problem when you have to use the toilets as anyone can walk in. Think I will put up a sign on the door saying 'Do not enter' until I have washed and changed.
  • morning all you curvaceous fitties(nice one Benz)

    when I looked out it was PERSISTing down but its stopped so all plans to cancel venturing outside may be revised - in fact right now its clear bright and sunny- blinkin multiple personality weather!

    felt lousy this morning - achy tired nauseous stiff - like the hangover from hell - but without the alchohol - perhaps I should take up drinking it !

    decided I should do some work on my online IT course as i'm getting distracted by foruming!

    I'm glad other folk are thinking tea/toast and comforting things cos thats how it hits me when its like this - its def.Winter Bleughs!
    don't the clocks go back tomorrow - an extra hour in bed on sunday morning

    just a thought about WW's theory that we all we have a perfectly good waterproof - skin!
    if I went out in my skin (I can't cos it needs ironing) I think I might get arrested- anyone else had thet problem?

    Have a good day
    will pop up later going to bounce around a few threads

  • Boing
    (in a one of those critters that pops out of holes you try to hit with a hammer at fairgrounds kind a way!)

    anyone who has got the Friday bleughs! should go to Windy Runs on the General thread for much upcheering -

  • Hi guys! Long time no boing...
    I'm afraid I've put back on everything but am trying to get back in the saddle after a stressful few weeks of moving house into pigsty (not nice for fleecy ones) and starting new job etc...
  • GlennGlenn ✭✭✭
    Hi Lamb. It's good to see you back on this thread after so long. Hope everything is settling down now.
  • Hi Lamb

    was looking at the original fit club threads (for handy tips honest)
    noticed you mentioned you were a hockey player - do you still play if so where?
  • Hi
    Yes, used to be dead keen, played for Colchester Colts, then gave up to play footy(stupidly). Played a bit at uni but never at a good standard, I really miss it!
    How about you?
  • Lamb

    yes i do -played since school- this season is my 25th! play in Cheshire for a Northwich based club and we play in North Div 1 -im a goalie hence fatnotsofit and I'm trying to get fit again after a health blip and (lazy)lay off

    do you still play footy?
  • EP
    thats a good idea- I could see if I could do more press ups than Rik or Anne!

    wish Harvey would come round and get me fit!

    just been for a swift half - (hour walk) very stiff achilles and sore left knee - I knew there was a good reason i didnt run!
  • Gaz.Gaz. ✭✭✭
    I went out for a run midd morning, it was bouncing it down, but I thought if I dont run I wont loose the weight and will feel miserable.
    So 1/2 mile fom home on a 6 1/2 mile run, soaking wet, no jacket just tee shirt, the sun came out, and has been out ever since, oh well just my luck, had a nice bath after though...................
  • Gaz.Gaz. ✭✭✭
    Oh Hi Lamb, glad to have you back,
    just thinking the other day, not seen lamby around for a bit, and here you are.......

  • So, day 3 and already eaten cheese - spinach omlette last night and before I knew it I had put blue cheese on it - not much needed, but it is much tastier with it

    Still holding out on the chocolate front.

    No entertaining this weekend (good). And visit to Daily Mail Ski Exhibition to look for new kit might give me extra incentive to keep on the straight and narrow.

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi everyone, did a good 5k this morning and some weights then went to Tesco...managed to find some biscuits without any animal bits in...had to sample them of course....oops, half the pack gone now! Oh well, at least the run should have helped.

    Welcome back oh boingy one - how was Lausanne?
  • Oops Had a bad day. The lure of the woollies pick and mix got me at lunchtime and I succumbed!! Feel all bloated and uncomfortable now. Had the nerve to buy Simming World at the same time. No shame me. No running tonight as I am having a rest day but hope to do 5 or 6 miles on Sat or Sunday. Was going to say weather permitting but I don't think I'd get away with that as WW always says our skins are waterproof.
    Catch you all later.
  • Where do you live evil??? How much do you want to spend??? What kinda exercise do you want to do???
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