Lower Leg Problem - Nerve? [Pic]

Hey guys, Posting this here as I've tried 3 Physio's and no one can seem to give me an answer for this. Hoping someone here may be able to?

About 18 months ago I was running and ran through pain which I shouldn't have. I got this injury and it's just never recovered. I've tried resting it, different stretches and nothing has seemed to work.

It's right between my shin and my calf muscle.

It may sound crazy, but I've pulled muscles in the past and I don't think this is a muscle pull.

For example, I could squat with weights, do any sort of calf exercise and this doesn't hurt at all.

It seems to hurt if I run past 15 minutes as if it's the stress of my leg hitting the ground, it'll get so bad that my leg will seize up and I'll have to stop.

Afterwards I can feel almost a constant burning in my leg, as if it's running down the nerve/vein.

It feels like some kind of nerve damage to me?

I'd really love to get back to running more, but this injury always stops me.

Any advice would be very much appreciated!


    I guess you need some sort of a scan.   Have you seen a physio that specialises in running injuries?   You could try your GP's physio as they have to refer you for NHS scans now I believe (rather than the GP).

    Don't think you'll have much luck getting any scan right now. 
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