Can't shift this calf pain...

So 10 weeks ago when on a run, i felt a knotting pain in my right calf... like someone was twisting their fist in to it. 
I took this as being a sprain, took a rest from running and instead swam and walked.
2 weeks later i went for a run, and after only 2.5 miles it went again. 
When it would happen i would spend the next couple of days limping around until it eased off. 
A week later i tried to run again, but this time the left calf went! 
Exactly the same position is the pain with the right calf, it just seemed it had switched sides. Right calf now ok. 
7 weeks on i'm still having problems with the left calf, although the pain now subsides after only a few hours, not days. 
After spending the last 2 weeks off from running I went for a speed walk yesterday, 13min/mile pace - all was good till 4.5 miles in and left calf went exactly as before. 
I limped home, but again after a few hours no pain and can walk properly. 
I feel no tightness in the calf when home, i can do calf stretches, heel drops, etc with no problem. 
I only drink water and haven't suffered with any cramping before. 
I'm wondering if it could have been a tear that hasn't healed properly - being the pain now doesn't stay for a couple of days, and now only a few hours.

Any ideas as to what this could be?

I was happy to play the long game as long as i had my walking, but now that is also causing a problem i need to pull my finger out and try to work out what is the best way to get over this. 



    That must be so frustrating.   As you've had problems with both legs my initial reaction is that it may be your shoes aggravating/causing the problem.
  • portlandersportlanders ✭✭✭
    Interesting @SHADES i did change to Brooks GTS 19's at the beginning of the year, from Glycerin 16's on advice after having a gait analysis in a running shop. 

    Could it be that although my gait analysis shows i need support, that my lower legs are saying otherwise?

    Reason for changing wasn't that i was having problems, just curious as hasn't had a gait analysis before. In fact when the shop said i needed support, I went to a different store and had the test again as I was happy with my current shoes, but again the result was i needed support. 
    Portlander - do you run in the same shoes all the time?   To avoid injury it's advised to have a few pairs of different brands and different models.   I know that sounds expensive, but it's not really, shoes will actually last longer if there's a few days between runs, allowing the cushioning to recover in between runs.  I also pick up end of line bargains by spending a lot of time studying shoe reviews, think my cheapest shoes were £24 and I love them.

    Do you still have your Glycerins, you could try a little run in them?

    Well if you had 2 gait analysis tests I guess that's fairly conclusive.  GTS are good shoes and are for mild overpronation so unlikely that's the reason.  It may be the way you run, are you a member of a running club?  If so maybe you could ask the advice from one of the coaches.
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    @SHADES - I've always rotated 2 pairs, but same make n model - I've always fancied a pair of Saucony's to compare, but need to sort out if my lower legs prefer the natural even though the gait analysis says otherwise.
    Likewise i've always ordered prev gen models in the sales. I haven't paid more than £80 for a pair. 

    I haven't got a pair of the Glycerin's, but i have found a pair of my old Ghosts  - if stats are correct they have run 100 miles so will wear them out next time for a try and see if i get any joy. 

    Not a member of a running club unfortunately, but something i need to look at i think, once i get going again. 

    Thanks again for the invaluable advice. 

    Portlander - I used to race in Brooks GTS but switched to Saucony a few years ago.

    Guides are my favourite but I also have a couple of other models too.

    Ghosts are a good shoe too.

    Hope you can sort this out.
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    Cheers Shades, 

    Since my last post I've done a couple of short / easy runs in the Ghosts without issue... well apart from them being half a size too small.
    But yesterday I found a good deal on a pair of Saucony Triumph ISO 5's, so look forward to trying them this week sometime. 
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    portlander - that is good news.   Ultimately you have to run in what is comfortable for you, we're all different.   Triumphs are good shoes, not tried them but on my wish list.   I have a pair of Saucony Rides, they neutral too and I find them very good, feel light and fast...which I'm not!
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    The doctor visit will be the best solution for you. So you cannfid the reason very quickly. And not to worry about this.
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    Fingers crossed the change in shoes have sorted it Ritchy, 
    This week had no problem, ran 4 times - all in neutral shoes - Ghosts and Triumph's - not had a problem. 
    I do wonder if the left calf problem which was the longest to resolve, was due to always running facing the traffic and the camber has taken an affect. 
    I've made a conscious effort when i run on camber roads which is often where i live, to run reverse camber when it's quiet. 
    But as i say 4 runs in and had no problems, long may it continue. 
    portlanders - just shows that gait analysis doesn't work for all.   I never have it in a shop as I have never run on a treadmill so know I wouldn't run in my normal way.   I did have mine done years ago at a university and that was a real specialist analysis in a sports science place.  But there's a lot to be said for using your own judgement and what feels right for you.

    Running on a camber can certainly aggravate and even cause injuries, particularly ITB and hip, so good to swap around when you can.   I run on small country roads too but most of ours don't have steep cambers, early on a summer morning I can run down the middle of the road as I did this morning.  :) :smile: 

    You must be really happy to be back running pain free again. 
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    Oh Shades, like you wouldn't believe..... i'm loving every run, even if it is harder than usual. 
    Although when injured i purchased a 2nd hand bike and that helped maintain some sort of fitness.
    I'm ecstatic that after 10 weeks off on my first week back I've run 5k, 4 miles, and 5 miles.... all with a good ol' speed pace for the last mile. My last run of the week tomorrow i'll reign it back to 5k, not going to ruin a good thing, and i'll get up to 10k next week. 
    Certainly going to run the middle road where i can now, i'm normally out running before 8am so can be pretty quiet here, especially at weekends - i also found another route where the camber isn't so great so will use that more often too. 
    I'm going to keep my GTS 19's as it gives me options, and now 3 different models i can rotate in. 
    Hope your run was good this morning? 
    Portlanders - you definitely love your running.  Just being able to get out there in these strange times does us all the world of good.

    Now you're able to run again it won't take long to get back to where you were before your injury.

    I've been going out before 5:30 and I've had the roads to myself at that time especially at weekends.  I was only going to do 5 miles today, first run in new shoes, but they felt so good I ended up doing 8.   I'm a running shoe junkie and with my cancelled race fees and hotel bookings due to the pandemic I've stocked up on running shoes.  That was pair number 18.  :)
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