Surplus running tops

Hi, just having a clearout of old running tops - I have loads but only ever wear two or three of them. Most are from races and have never been worn - often because they’re too dark to use safely on road runs, or have too much design and are hot to wear. Would anybody want them? I’ve stopped collecting most 10k and half-marathon race finisher medals and tee shirts, because they just accumulate - so wasteful. I remember how much I treasured these from my first races and wouldn’t want to stop finishers from getting them - but anyone who runs races frequently (or used to) soon builds a large collection. Does anyone else think there should be a no shirt/medal option on race entries?


    Lots of races now have a shirt as an optional extra, when all the plastic waste became big news as they're made of synthetic fabric.  I've opted out a few times now.   There's a race I do that gives out a hoody, I hate them and would never wear one and I have driven home from the race and put it straight in the recycling.   Last year they finally offered the option of no hoody and money would go to charity so I was happy to do that.
    I do still like a medal though but not bothered if its a short race.

    I put my race shirts that I don't intend to wear in the clothes recycling bins.

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    Salvation army will take them off your hands and be very grateful. 
  • Thanks - happily I found a taker, a mum with a growing lad rushing through the sizes!
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