New shoes/shin splint advice

Hi all. Sorry if this is a really rookie question but here goes...
I finally completed C25K after 3 attempts but heading into W8 on my second attempt I started noticing pain in my right lower leg which I think was shin splints (Pain on the inside of my lower right leg essentially) and I just attributed this to me starting to get to 5K distance and also just having normal trainers. So I went and got my gait analysed and they said my strike was great (midfoot) etc but there was overpronation in my right leg. So I bought some Saucony Omni Iso 2's ( which they recommended and since then I've completed the 5k and have been running 5K's twice a week (and cycling 3 times a week), however now Im feeling pain on the inside of my left lower leg. It doesn't seem to get as bad now than a couple of months ago but my question is:
Have I bought the wrong shoes?
Could it just be my muscles adjusting to the 5k distance?

Any tips or advice would be appreciated

Thanks all


    Shin splints is just a generic name for pain in that area and is common especially for new runners as they increase distance/pace.    It's usually caused by over striding so reaching the foot out too far in front when landing.   Try and shorten your stride a bit and focus on trying to run lightly.

    Some gentle stretches for the calf muscles too might be a good idea.

    If your new shoes feel comfortable and right for you then I'm sure they're OK.   But when we start regular running it can be a shock for the body and aches and pains will be all part of it, I'm not saying to run through pain, ease up and no fast running.

    Well done on completing the C25K.
  • I hope it's okay that I comment here, I feel it is quite connected!
    I recently found I got supination.
    I am 28 years old and have been having my foot rolling since I can remember myself, but I needed to get a nasty Achilles tendonitis and see a proper orthopedist to understand that what I've been having has a name! And is a real condition!
    Since I am quite active (I normally love indoor cycling - when there's no Coronavirus, and I now train with a pt 3 times a week), I am looking for a good training shoe, suitable and helpful for those who suffer from supination.
    I would like to find something good but as cheap as possible, as I understand that this condition means you gotta get new shoes quite often!
    Any ideas?
    Many thanks!
    Supination is just the opposite of overpronation.   Supination means your foot rolls to the outside of the foot.  It does not mean you have to replace your shoes more often than any other runner.  Neutral shoes will suit you, plenty to choose from.   

    Go to a running shop and try a few on and what feels comfortable for you.
  • I supinate too. I've had a good time with New balance zante pursuit trainers. You can get older editions (which mine was) for under £60. They are light, low drop and soft which I find the most important. :)
  • I am also looking for shoes with cheaper rates does anyone have any kind of idea?
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