Newbie Ironman???


The situation: Aged 40, 6ft1, overweight (just under 16st). 2 back operations for prolapsed discs (2014/2016 - seems ok now though).

Fitness: Currently 'ok'. Can run 10km in 50mins, can bike 30miles at avg 17.5mph. Although excess weight doesn't help!

The dream: Complete an Ironman. Have done a few tri's before, longest was London Olympic distance a few years ago.

The question: Is this possible, say in a years time? If so, how to go about it? Is it a case of spending the next few months / time gradually increasing mileage and introducing brick sessions and getting back in the water? Then seek out a 16wk training plan leading to the race? At what levels should I aim to be at to start the 16wk training plan?

Thoughts? Anyone else in the same boat?



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