Such a newbie

So I can run and have done a few 5k races in my life but I can't get the drive to get out and run. I really want to try but I think I'm more of a gym workout person then a at-home workout person. How do you guys get the motivation?


  • I’ve been using the Couch to 5K app, I hated running but I’ve been sticking to this as I’m finding it a really good way to get back into it, also the Facebook page for it is full of very inspirational people which has encouraged me to just go out and do it.
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    Agree with @LukeH in a sense, I like having a structure to follow which is why I did the C25K app. I finished it now and have just continued doing 5K's and trying to improve them. Maybe finding a training plan or even drawing one up for yourself?
    Thanks guys. Really helpful
  • Helps if you can get a mate to run with you. Although that would be tricky at the moment too. 
  • Any trails near where you are? Try jogging some trails as it really takes the autopilot monotony out of pounding familiar roads/paths, to being in some really nice natural environments where you need your wits about you to not trip over a tree root or slide on a rock. The pace comes right down, but it feels like it's over quicker for me (often disappointingly when it was one exercise per day lockdown). I only started doing it in this lockdown and it's really helped leg strength, especially ankle flexion, and good for the weekend long run, far less people too.
  • Hi everyone!

    A newbie runner here 😅, COVID-19 made me start running for the very first time in my life. I was looking for apps to plan my routes and I found these ones:

    - Footpath -> It's only available on iOS and I'm an Android guy, but I can use it on my iPad. It's very good and simple, lots of features that I don't use and a bit expensive.

    - Just Draw It -> & It's available on both platforms, don't have as many features as Footpath but it's good enough.

    - PlanMyRoute -> It's only available on Android and It doesn't allow you to draw your route, just to select waypoints.

    I use Strava while I'm running and read a long time ago that they were developing a route planner that looks similar to Footpath or Just Draw It.

    Do you use any of these apps? Are there other ones that I don't know?
  • Hi Guys,
    Very new to this also, been mainly fast walking at the start, but now doing slow jogs have managed 9 Mile but at a very slow pace, been looking at Heart Rate training to start with and am currently jogging in Zone 2 with 1 zone 4/5 per week so will stick at it been doing my routes on I think Mapometer which is pretty accurate for roads/pavements and just had to extend my existing routes to get the mileage in but its gonna be a while before I'm running at pace.
    Had a look for a JoggersWorld forum but there isn't one so your stick with me here hi hi.
  • you could try drawing routes with this site. It's quite good with trails as well as established footpaths,-4.3066406/osm
  • Working from home was my main motivation... without any exercise I'd be lucky to do 1500 steps a day, and wouldn't get my heart rate over 100 so decided to start running.
  • Hi
    If you think that you are newbies to running then no worries, I also start running decently, first of all, it is difficult but after a few days ago I enjoyed it. Because I buy a new pair of lightweight shoes to for running and it's so amazing.
  • I often motivate myself with the thought of food as a reward. If I am running just before lunch or dinner then I use that run sometimes as a means to justify a meal be it small and different, or large and feasty!
    Why do we run? Because we can.
  • Probably really bad advise from a training point of view, but I found linking my runs to an opportunity to listen to new music playlists helped initially. I tended to reserve these for runs rather than my drive to work (would stick to r4 or much listened faves) meaning that an enjoyable and special time was set aside.

    It totally messed with my pace and everything else, but it did make things more exciting/bearable for the initial bit where motivation was more difficult. Now I tend to listen to calmer music or a pod cast on a longer run, or I know to be more disciplined. Every now and then I can't help blasting something too irresistible in my race shoes and reminding myself I am not 20 anymore.
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