Gel Kayano - Cheaper alternative?

Hello everyone,

Its been a while since I have been here, just been doing my own thing but now have some questions.

I have been using Gel Kayano trainers for the last few (many) years, but now the prices seem to be constantly above £110 don't know if I can justify the price.

Are there any alternative trainers that I could try around the £80 price range that would suit me?

I'm 42, 6ft2, about 12/13 stone depending on time of year. I just run to keep fit and healthy. I'm not fast paced or ever likely to win a race. I like the Gel Kayano as I know they work, just wondering if there is something cheaper I could try and get away with?

Thanks for your help.



    I've seen Kayanos for sale at £80, you have to shop around the websites and don't know if it was all sizes.

    Try this website  Put in your current Kayanos and if you scroll to the foot of the page it will suggest similar type shoes, you can shop around then for decent prices on those plus read the reviews.
  • I used to run in Kayanos and recently changed to GT2000 fit, build quality cushioning and stability seemed similar to kayanos yet 2000's seem to be easily sourced at discounts despite being an over 100 quid shoe. The 2000s do seem to be a slightly stiffer shoe also.
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