Recommended Shoes for Interval Road Running

Hi guys

Looking for something suitable for short distance (i.e. interval sprints/recovery) flat road runs.
Zero interest in anything longer distance and leaning towards something around the <8mm drop mark/nothing too 'spongey'.
Not sure if these hit the spot but a semi-pro friend has recommended the Adizero Adios as a starting point?

Any suggestions would be most welcome.


  • RobM77RobM77 ✭✭
    Obviously you could use a racing flat, but the issue there is a lack of cushioning and support and I'd worry about injury. For intervals and tempo days I use a hybrid running shoe between a flat and traditional shoe - Brooks Launch. The Adizero is a great shoe, but sadly I can't squeeze my wide feet into them so couldn't comment. I did try - they get great reviews!
  • I use Adizero, they fit quite well with me. I have been using them for a year now and I have no problems with them so far.
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