Running in the heat/humidity

Hello all,

The heat and humidity has started increasing significantly recently, to the point where I’m running at 5am and it’s 34 degrees, 80 percent humidity and, according to iPhone app, ‘feels like’ 44+.

i’m really struggling with my runs, and simply not being able to cool down; am doing laps of a sports field with a bag of water bottles at the side and am still struggling to do much more than 40 mins, even dousing myself regularly with water!

i’m just wondering, is there a point at which it’s simply too hot to train safely outside? Loathe to spend money on a treadmill but it’s pretty demoralising at the moment!


    I take it you're not in the UK then!

    How long is the weather likely to be that hot?  I'm not sure I'd believe your phone app, never seen such a difference in actual and feels like temp.   

    But that is very tough conditions for running, I've done a couple of marathons in that temperature and high humidity and a lot of DNF's and we all posted slow times as it was just became a survival race really.

    I guess you just need to slow down and do say 30 minutes a day for the time being.   Safe level would be when you don't recover promptly from your run.   
  • Nope - Middle East! It’s set to be this hot/humid for the next 3-4 months - sad face.

    Think I might invest in a treadmill; any minimum requirements without spending a packet?!
    I know nothing about treadmills, never used one but I believe not something you can buy on the cheap.

    How about a gym membership, is that feasible where you are?
  • DN12345 build up slowly, you will get used to it. If you can, curfew permitting run early morning, I know it's humid but just slow it down and try to stay in shade as much as possible. 

    It can be done! 
    Dubairunner - I was hoping you come on here.   You manage to marathon train very well don't you in that climate.
  • Thanks guys, I managed half an hour this morning but, with a dew point of 32 degrees, just couldn’t cool down - very annoying as I was up to 90 minutes a few weeks ago!
  • Hi SHADES, yes it is possible. However I have done overnight runs in the summer. This year we have a curfew 2300-0600 due COVID. I still run early morning but it’s already in the 30s. Furthest recently a half marathon in 35 degrees at 10 min a mile pace.

    dn12345, I would rather run 30min than resort to the dreadmill! 
    Dubairunner - that curfew is a bit tough on those that want to train at the coolest time of day.   Hopefully they'll lift that soon.

    You won't be able to come over here for a while to race anyway.  :(
  • 30 min runs it is then! Once the gym re-opens I may do some treadmill stuff, just to prove I’m capable of running faster than my current plod!
  • I had a friend who lived in Kuala Lumpur and he moved back to Europe a much better runner thanks to all those hot and sweaty jungle runs he did there.
  • dn12345 something you just have to accept in this part of the world. Remember the winter is perfect with highs of mid 20s, better than running in the freezing temps of the uk.
  • I'm a newbie and almost scared to run if it's too hot - I don't cope with heat at the best of times. Any advice?
  • GuarddogGuarddog ✭✭✭
    Hi Amanda and welcome. 

    Are you able to run at times when it's not too hot, either early in the morning or in the evening?

    If that's not possible then a certain degree of acclimatisation may help. I always felt I struggled in the heat, especially for longer races, and as I was doing a lot of HMs last year during the warmer months I had to get over that barrier. So I signed up for training runs throughout the summer. Running as part of a group does help and these would be at a particular pace to keep everyone honest.

    From a practical perspective re-evaluate your pace, so if it feels tough slow it down. Take in plenty of fluids, wear something that allows whatever breeze there is to get to you and also sunscreen. 

    And enjoy the fact you're out in the sun  :)
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