Just Saying Hello to you all.

Just joined, I'm 55, very new to this started out just walking , then fast walking so I thought the natural next step would be to start jogging - so I have started doing alternate days jogging /walking got up to 6 1/2 mile with my walks (about 90 mins) and around 5 mile for my joggs( around an hour) nearly the same times!!
Ive already lost 3 1/2 stone so would like to keep at it, my pace has gradually come down when jogging from around 14 Min/Mile to just over 12 Min/Mile, I use a Polar M430 for tracking my progress and I know that Wrist based HR is not really that accurate but I'm taking it slow and the HR tracker seems to correspond with effort uphills especially, but I find myself in HR zone 5 ( around 90% ish of my Max) for alot of my Jogg.
Not wanting to spend more money on a chest strap would it be ok to carry on what Im doing and just try to slow a little
( but this seems so unnatural) during anaerobic pace not wanting to keel over with an attack !!!
Many Thanks.


  • Hi @northernsoul_man and firstly a huge congrats on dropping 3.5 stone, it's no small feat and you're now running with such a massive weight reduction. Anyone who uses free weights may know the feeling of holding a 25kg plate, they're HEAVY! So hauling one less on a run is certainly going to help.

    What I would recommend at this point for you, is simply avoid injury at all cost, truly do not worry about pace at this point. Heart rate wise, you could benefit mostly at this early stage from low hr training. Run by feel, and make the majority or your running in the easy zone (can hold a conversation, walk if necessary and slowly increase pace as you rest). That way you can go longer, and you'll be building an excellent aerobic base, getting your body used to being on its feet and utilising energy stores that are good.

    Going hard works only while you stay uninjured and not burned out, which occurs pretty quickly. Have a watch of this video, it's very true what it says.

  • <div>Hi Leon,</div><div>Thanks very much for the kind words I'm not going to say its been easy but the majority of my weight loss has been whilst walking, I got to the stage where I could manage 90 mins of fast walking so the natural progression was to start jogging - WHAT A DIFFERENCE !!!</div><div>I'm still on a walk/jog alternate days and one day its aerobic and the next day is anaerobic so a complete workout for me.</div><div>As it is with these watches you tend to keep looking at them during exercise, but my jogging is gradual covering about 5 or so mile in an hour and have around 6 different routes I take to break the monotony up, but gently does it for me as I'm very new to this exercise but I think the walking has conditioned me well to progress to jogging.</div><div>Weight has now stabilized but just around 13 1/2 stone now so happy with that, I will stick with the same routes and times for now, just try to get out every day weather permitting and just see how far I can go with this but as you say ' Steady as she goes' !!</div><div>Thanks again Leon, kind regards.</div><div>Paul.
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