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  • Thanks, everyone. Higher temperature than I had expected. No PB, not 1st VF50, but reasonably pleased. Couple of navigation issues, and one wasp sting. I'll try to get the race report written up faster this time.
  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    There seems to be quite compelling evidence for a Sept 26 Comrades date.
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    Tell us more Dannirr :) I t didn't look like a typo to me :D
  • Dannirr, do you know when this will be confirmed?
  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    I don't have any real knowledge - but the annual schedule of races sent out by the SA Athletic people actually has Sept 26 for Comrades printed on that schedule.  Of course CMA have not publicly confirmed that date, but I had heard the same date from some insiders.     As will all things South African, take this with a pinch of salt until CMA says something - and we all know how late they can delay an announcement.
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    Further comment in Comrades UKand Ireland Facebook group that 26th September has been requested as a contingency date should June not be possible. Most curious about both posts is they have attracted virtually no comments or discussion? I would have thought Facebook would have melted down at such news... I don't pay that much attention to the group, maybe the poster is a notoriously unreliable gossip :D
  • Peter RPeter R ✭✭✭
    Great runs Debra and I also noticed a 100 miler from SD on Strava this weekend, amazing from both of you.  I think its time for me to finally enter one of these 100 milers.

    Re comrades dates, I don't mind either way I guess but would be good to know well in advance.  Either way it will have been a long wait.  I did a couple of swimming races the last couple of weekends and the socially distancing starts etc weren't too bad.  Races seem to be going ahead with the new normal now, and its not that bad and once you are running its as it was really.  
  • For anyone doing London, I have received a couple of emails from them saying my address was not captured properly and theres a link to click and fill out so I can get my medal and t shirt. Has anyone else had this. I genuinely can't remember whether I put my address in or not at the time, but if it was a required field the website wouldn't have allowed me to continue without filling in the information. Being a suspicious person I'm wondering if its a scam. Cant see anywhere on the website to see my details.
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    There was an issue with the original registration process. I ended up registering as an international as that was the only way I could get it done. The problem was a catch22. It asked for your postcode and did the usual offering you a list, but even after doing that it would not proceed. So if you clicked international it didn't do that validation and revealed the house number/name was blank but mandatory.
    Through some other twisted arrangement if you were with a charity they had to pay your entry fee. That's when they went "Oi! You registered as an international you divi and we'll have to pay an extra fiver if you leave it like that, please go back and say UK"
    I used the original registration email link to fix it, have you still got that SS? But in any case, yes, there was s registration problem with addresses :)
  • Thanks, everyone. Higher temperature than I had expected. No PB, not 1st VF50, but reasonably pleased. Couple of navigation issues, and one wasp sting. I'll try to get the race report written up faster this time.
    Congratulation Debra, nice result.

    So is it Sept for Comrades next year then as I've seen rumours of? That will teach me for booking a cheap hotel deal in Durban for June :smile: Would have expected the regristations to be opening around now if it was going ahead at the normal date but of course nothing is normal any more. 
  • Lowrez - it was a month ago, I can't possibly remember what I clicked but it sounds as though it could be genuine then. Real buzz has my correct address but was never sure how that was connected. I will look for the original email and try that.

    My mothers friend once ordered 9 vacuum cleaners from Amazon - perhaps I'm getting like that  :)
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    JK September is an unconfirmed leak considered to be contingency planning at this stage so hang on to that June booking, I'm keeping mine for now.

    Real Buzz wasn't part of the virtual process SS one can never have enough vacuum cleaners :D London Marathon are inadequate when it comes to all the software involved in this party so far. I dread to think what a heap of rubbish they are concocting to cater for results submission. Some people are under the impression they will have to install an app on their phone and carry that with them, all speculation, but I wouldn't be surprised at that and it probably won't work anyway.
  • Well I went to the help bit and emailed them asking me to confirm its not a scam. At the end of the day, they can look at it however they like and continue to say its the 40th edition but whatever they say it is NOT the London marathon
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    Lockdown is closing in on me here, likely extra control measures will be introduced tonight. I was going to have a 2 person support team meet me with Danish Pastries and Coke (the drug) at several points on the run, but, I've just told them to stand down. Don't want to put anyone at higher risk just because I'm a crazy runner.
  • Peter R, jkissane: thank you.
    Snail: hope you get a response okay.
    lowrez, sympathies. Any alternative plan?
  • Terry48Terry48 ✭✭✭
    In case nobody noticed yet. SA is opening airspace to tourists from 1 October. Subject to a virus test and country risk classifications.
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    Are SA publishing their own list of countries they accept Terry? Is there a link to it anywhere?
    Losing my support team won't be too much of a hardship Debra. I'll have to do without the Danishes, too messy to cram into an ultravest, but it is only a marathon :) would have been slightly lighter without the vest if the support team were with me, plus all the pictures are going to be prior to the start rather than in event.
  • Terry48Terry48 ✭✭✭
    Lowrez, no list yet but they said they are working on it and will publish soon. They have to do it soon for 1 October resumption and to give time for travellers to get a test within 72 hours of flying.
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    Ha ha, nobody in the UK has any chance of travelling then! Getting a test result within 72 hours? SA have created the perfect Catch 22!
  • London Marathon did reply fairly quickly and they were genuine emails so have responded.

    I have the Fox Ultra tomorrow. I don't even need to leave my house till 7am which seems a little weird for an ultra, but it is reasonably local. I'm feeling a little blasé about it. It's just a little training run yes?  :)

  • Peter RPeter R ✭✭✭
    SS - yes
    i understand UK will be on the SA black list but Brazil and India won’t be. Regardless though it’s a start. 
  • SS, good luck tomorrow. It looks like it will be a beautiful day for a little training run, with aid stations along the way. Good that it's tomorrow as well, race organisers with events next month must be getting worried about another lockdown.
    1owrez, have you thought about a route that goes past a bakery or two, so you can pick up a Danish on the way? Still to decide on my route for the virtual London, but I expect the location of toilets may be a major factor.
  • Snail: 60K? A nice trot round! Have a great day out.
    I've been pleasantly surprised at my recovery from CW50 - did my club's speed session (10 x 400m with 1-minute recoveries) on Tuesday and while slower than usual, pace was not bad for the last five efforts. Have a progression run today -  I'll see how that goes.
    Re. Virtual London, my club is organising a group effort (with social distancing of course) and I'll no doubt be volunteering.
    Starting to discuss with my core team to get ready for potential parkrun re-start.
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    Good thought Stan - I better go get an in-costume mask

    Love how we all are considering out 42ks and 60ks little training runs - Good running SS!

  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    1owrez said:
     I'm a crazy runner.
    I think this needs two separate sentences, as each attribute stands on it's own 
  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    I'm off to SA around Oct 12.
  • Debra, just been listening to the parkrun Q&A on facebook and it sounds like they're no longer expecting to restart at the end of October due to the rising number of infections. We've got a Zoom call for Tooting Common parkrun tomorrow To discuss the restart. Could be a short one.
  • Even before the ‘rise in infections’ the whole parkrun ‘get the country moving’ again all stemmed from an interview from one of its ambassadors, a certain Dame Xxxx, rather premature and ridiculous statement to have circulated at a time when no groups over 30 could mix, any parkrun is subject to local landowners and SAG approval to be granted go ahead in first place. I’ve no idea how they ever expected every parkrun in the country to resume at the same time, did somebody think the virus was disappearing in October? Haha, group sizes now down to 6, AND the restricted areas do not permit playing of any sport. I was told today by medical physician in Corporation of London full lockdown with 10 days. I’ve told Terry this for weeks so it’ll be interesting to see what happens but if Prof Witty gets his way again we’ll be back to running once a day, from home, for an hour! 😆 
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    edited September 19
    Here come my restrictions; so we are interpreting those as "best stand down any attempt to support me then" as I'm not allowed to meet people outside my current support bubble, although I think that only pertains to inside my house and garden, which they will not be doing, but, there's a nonsensical aspect of these rules as usual - how come we could only pass covid on inside my house or garden? But the additional rule of not spectating at amateur sporting events piles on the restrictiveness - again a bit daft as anyone I run past - at 2m distant of course - will no doubt be spectating me - ha ha!

    Nowhere does it say I can't go out and run for as long as I like though :)
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