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  • baldstanbaldstan ✭✭✭
    Mac3, I'd say it probably does take a second or two longer to refit the silicone flasks compared to my Camelback vest, mainly because the opening they go into is quite tight, but the weight of the water in a full flask is enough to get them to slide in. If you were in a race and didn't want to waste a single second at an aid station it might matter, but it doesn't bother me. Good luck finding the right one for you.
  • Good luck with the vest Mac. I have a UD one which I discovered on the start of South Downs way dug into my shoulder blades at the top. Fortunately Mr SS had plenty of tissues to wedge in. I'd even tried it out too  :( but other than that am happy with it but I would think lots of pockets at the front would be invaluable as otherwise you have to keep taking it off to get what you want out. Maybe not a problem hiking but not something you want to keep doing whilst running.
  • I’ve just bought a Camelbak vest, never used one before. Have used Camelbak bladders in my Raidlight sac but that’s it. Also finally, after years, gave in to the wife this morning and bought a treadmill, so 7000 dirhams or £1500 lighter! 

    Count me in for next year as I’ve Kenyan tickets to use by the end of June 21.
  • Anyone else get an email indicating masks and buffs available for order to be sent with medal/T-shirt?
  • Mc HillyMc Hilly ✭✭✭
    Debra, yes, I got the email asking for address details for the medal. And offering masks.,  and went onto the site, provided my address details and tried to order one of the buffs, seemed strange as whilst it saved that I wanted the buff it never asked for payment..... have they kept my card details from when I originally paid and added it on??????? Seemed strange. And if I clicked on the link later down the page, it seemed to take me to someone else’s details!  I think it is legit, just not working properly? 
  • Mc Hilly: I went into my profile via the original email giving me my race number, and had no problem - but did have to pay (and give address details for delivery).
  • marty74marty74 ✭✭✭
    I have received that email. Clicked through and it took me to my profile where you could add the extras. I was then asked to pay and give my address. At least when the package comes through the post it will be a nice surprise since it will no doubt be closer to Christmas when we get it. :)
  • Marty: given that they need to wait a bit for the orders to come in, then have everything manufactured, then get everything packaged up and posted you are no doubt correct!
  • We got the email too but I thought Id already paid for the t-shirt. I certainly remember indicating which size I wanted.
  • Debra BourneDebra Bourne ✭✭✭
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    Snail, if you ordered a size then yes you'll already have paid for the T-shirt. But there are now buffs and masks on offer as well. And I bumped up my charity donation a bit while I was adding those.
  • Home off night shift, it's 0640 and only 29 degrees, the coldest it's been in some time. And I'm too tired to run... 
  • baldstanbaldstan ✭✭✭
    Nothing wrong with listening to your body, Dubai. Still sounds amazing that 29 degrees is 'cold' though.
  • Dubai: sympathies! That must be frustrating.
    Ran 5K for a virtual relay race this morning. 21:44, which is a PB, although still a bit away from the target I was given of 21:28. I now think that I -could- get down to that time if I had a faster runner to pace me and keep me from slowing down in the middle mile. Some of the others did get together (in groups of no more than 6, and keeping the 2m distance) one Saturday morning, but I couldn't get to that.
  • DannirrDannirr ✭✭✭
    Well, I decided to look at accommodation - very little available.  Don't know if thats a COVID related issue, or they are filling up in anticipation of a big run next year.  I took no chance - I booked at the Blue Waters as its not too far from he stadium.  City Lodge showed place.  Nothing at the Hilton and none of the other water front properties showed up.
  • New York marathon has been cancelled
  • I logged on through Hilton honors and it says they don't have any hotels in the Durban area. 

    Canceled BA flights to London and got money back in 2 days. Although the flight was still operating but had a semi flexible ticket so had to pay a cancelation fee.
  • And after over 3 months still awaiting Hilton Cape Town refund....
  • Berlin gone, New York gone, Cape Town gone, Hamburg still on if you wear a provided mask at the start and finish!! (btw masks are from what I have read a danger to the wearer so I'd not be wearing one anywhere now unless it is legal (which in the UK it is only on public transport atm).
    Wrt to accommodation for next June I would say they have blocked out a lot of rooms to which on a booking site appears the property has less or no rooms, this is common practice in all hotels to retain as much stock as possible until nearer the date to watch the market and adjust price to suit demand.
  • baldstanbaldstan ✭✭✭
    Amsterdam have just announced today that with the easing of restrictions in The Netherlands they hope to go ahead "in an adjusted form" on 18th October. But have also said that if the situation changes then registration will be carried over to October 2021. Frankfurt still saying they're hoping to go ahead as well.
  • Abu Dhabi still on for December, though I’m off that weekend so it’s bound to move to a weekend I’m working!
  • Afternoon all, got very quiet. Hope everyone is keeping well!! Half way through 2020, what will the second half bring!!
  • Dubai, I was only just thinking how quiet the forum has gone......and where has Lowrez gone with his motivational whacky maps to keep us entertained? Hope everyone doing well and preparing for the second spikes!
  • I'm fine - still training for (hopefully) NDW100 and subsequent races. So far during lockdown I have done 6 x 50K virtual events (okay, one was the half-Comrades so officially 45K, but I went well over that) and I have two more booked. Also a packed ultra schedule from August onwards, if they are able to go ahead.
    Saturday I ran a 5K PB of 21:37 on Saturday - just over 80% age graded, which I never expected to reach. Now hoping to see improved times at ultra distances, but presently not at all sure how to pace myself for the longer distances (I don't trust my improvement yet).
  • Hi all. Still plodding along here. Should apparently hear from NDW100 by next week whether its going ahead so training as normal here.

    Dubai - For me I can't see the second half of the year being much different to the first to be honest. Might do a staycation later in the year and have fingers crossed we can resume "normal" life next year.

    Mark - think Lowrez was keeping us entertained with his great Comrades maps just up until the virtual event. Could be wrong.

    Debra - you're in amazing form. When I'm doing the ultras I don't seem to have a race pace, it's probably just the same as training!! I wasn't actually planning on doing any more recce's of the NDW route. The only bit I've done is what we did on 14th. I'm basically hoping all their own signs will be in place!! It would be easier if I could teleport my car to the end otherwise it seems to use up the whole day and 2 of us  :#
  • Snail: thanks. Centurion do mark the courses well, thankfully. I'll have NDW100 recced but won't have gone near the Cotswold 50 course, and the last time I was out on the Thames Path sections of the Autumn 100 route was back in early 2013 when I was training for/running the Thames Path 50 (although much of the route on race day was away from the Thames Path, due to flooding).Ridgeway sections I've covered in one direction at least, as I ran Ridgeway 86 in 2018 and 2019.
  • 1owrez1owrez ✭✭✭
    Hi peeps :) yep, the maps were "just" up till the Comrades event. Never did complete the outstanding ones, didn't want to detract from the epic event build up and aftermath.
    At this point C2C is going ahead, but I have had to drop out, my recovery from left side weirdness is not progressing consistently, physio warned me of such; ease off and take a less stressful approach if body reacts adversely; warnings that full recovery might not be totally achievable or could take a very long time.
    Think I need to subscribe to this thread, not getting any notifications.
    Got my head in sorting out gravestones for three very close family members... covid suspended activity on what was a difficult and lumbering thing to get through anyway, have pushed on and close to completion now though.
    Daughter's return to the family home has also had us reorganising rooms and ordering and shifting furniture... surrendering, well, really, returning my ManCave to its rightful owner, so have "had to" purchase myself a new 58" TV, stand, gaming chair... had to leave my old "antiquated" 55" TV etc behind for her :D
  • Lowrez, sorry on your loss. 

    Glad you're back on the thread! 
  • Becca7Becca7 ✭✭✭
    Sorry that this has had such an impact on your family lowrez.  I hope that the left side weirdness gets better.

    Great progress Debra.

    My main target this year changed to running down all of the streets in my city and it's a good job as Leicester is back in lockdown so I can't go anywhere else.  I've completed 56% of the city and the main Covid hotspots are already done.

  • Debra BourneDebra Bourne ✭✭✭
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    Lowrez, sympathies for all the family losses and for your continuing left side problems- really hope that improves further. Sorry you've had to drop out of C2C. Good luck in the reorganisation in the house!
    Becca, very glad to hear you've already done the main hotspot areas. Good luck with completing your quest - I do think it's an amazing idea.
    We must all have another virtual meet-up sometime...
  • Such a shock that you have lost 3 family members from Covid Lorez, that is sad, condolences extended your way at what must have been, and continue to be, a really awfully tough time.
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