Shin splints again

After getting really into running last year I kind of lost the notion a bit with all the carry on this year. That said I decided to get right back into it and signed up for the Cumbria way ultra 30 in September.  

I was only doing a run here or there most of lock down, I started back in earnest about a month ago all was going well until the end of last week when I ramped it up a bit by throwing some elevated runs as one of my long runs.  Could feel some tiredness and tightness about my Achilles last week but was bearable and managed to keep running and then last night about 2k in shin splints came on resulting in me doing a run/walk for 6k before calling it.

Planning to stop running till next week and have a foam roller to start some mobility work asap, something I've always neglected.

Is it wise to continue running if I slow it down abit and have an extra day in between runs as well as incorporate stretching and rolling daily.  Furthest I've ever run is a half marathon so could do without this in the run up to my 30k.


  • My experience of shin splints was that they were tough in my first two years of running then went away. Persistence was the key for me. Trying to ignore the pain and run as frequently as possible. I was training on almost entirely flat routes at the time, but luckily they didn't come back. I look back at that time as great mental training for longer runs as it definitely was a matter of mentally blocking unhelpful pain from the experience to be successful.

    A good option if you don't feel like putting yourself through that would be a good running strength routine which may help with building the muscles in the shins and lower leg which I believe are connected to SP.
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