Achilles Tendinopathy

Ok, first of all I am an endurance runner who is 52 years old who loves her running. However sadly over the last year since August 2019 that has not been possible because as stated in the title I have Achilles Tendinopathy. As suggested by my private physio I did the eccentric exercises and they were having a good effect. However when capable I started running again following the program of 2 minutes run 1 minute walk = 21 minutes. Unfortunately the worst thing happened I felt a fibre go in my Achilles whilst running. Since then it has been back to square one followed on by acupuncture, which didn't work for me. My Achilles is still inflamed and sore and I'm not running at all, I cant it hurts.  I just cant see a way out of this injury sometimes I wander if I'll ever run again. Can anyone give me advice on this injury please, I would be grateful.         


  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    I can understand your pain, literally, I started with Achilles issues in March 2019. I am now, running pain free, from about six weeks ago. 

    I do masses of exercises most days (five to six days a week up to 20 mins at a time) to keep it under control. Physio has helped massively and has been a regular occurrence!

    It seems to me the only way is regular, and constant exercise. Sorry I do not have a miracle cure.
  • If only someone did have a cure I would be up and running by now. 
    Thank you for answering my forum, when I went to see a physio they gave me the eccentric exercises to do and overtime to add load. She also gave me isometric exercises for the calf but my calf seem to get worse. 
    As runners we are all different biomechanically the way that we run, and for some people certain exercises will work and for others they may not. However out of interest if you don't mind please what exercises were provided by your physio, I'm not saying they'll work for me but I may put this information to my physio. To ask her advise.              
  • TTTT ✭✭✭
    Not a problem, I do have an adjustment incline board, I found it made me do the exercises more.

    I do:
    Calf raises
    Eccentric calf raises
    Pole isometric holds
    Single to double box squats
    Wall isometric holds
    Glute bridges 
    Single leg glute bridges (box and floor)
    Clams (with and without band)
    Single leg raises

    Before lockdown I was also pool jogging which really helped.

    I walk for a mile before I start each run and have a set of exercises based on the ones above I do before each run. I also rotate six pairs of trainers, with three different types so I am not becoming used to one pair. 

    Hope this helps.
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Do you try and run early or later in the day.
    I can't run early but find when I run later in the day it is ok as the Achilles has warmed up throughout the day.
    I also run .most of my runs very easy,by doing this I've been able to continue running with AT for 3 years.
  • Hi 
    Thank you TT for the exercises it certainly is a big help, Ill   
  • Sorry didn't finish post and before I knew it, it was sent!
    So to continue.....
    I'll explore and try these exercises thank you so much. 

    As for running in the evening Ian I'm afraid at the moment its not making any difference. I tried many of time whilst walking my dog its still sore and my calves get tight.           
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