Heart rate training

Hi all,

As previously mentioned in another post, I have the delight of training in very hot and humid conditions, so I’m thinking I need to bin off pace and focus on training in certain HR zones, to get the best benefit and actually keep going longer than 30 mins!

To that end, I’m a little at a loss as to which zone to target. I’m a new runner and just wanting to build my ‘fitness’ and endurance. I’m 42 and saw a measured HR of 185 during a CrossFit workout recently, so assuming my max is somewhere around 190. Resting is now somewhere between 55-60.

Ive been aiming for zone 3, based on Max HR, so 133-152 for my goals, but have since read that there are better ways to target (use of threshold for example) but not sure exactly where to start there.. One method told me to subtract my age from 180 and keep below that - meant an upper limit of 138, so basically walking in this heat!

also, I’m occasionally doing a steady state session on an indoor spin bike - should I just hit the same HR zone to improve my fitness or does it change massively on a bike?

Thanks in advance!
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